Fitness Model Bakhar Nabieva Promotes Protein Powder By Spreading It In A Very Unusual Place

When your nickname is Miss Iron Bum, why not put it to good use?

Fitness model Bakhar Nabieva decided to call on her world-famous posterior to help sell fitness powder, posting a steamy Instagram picture where she appeared to rub the product on her exposed backside. The Instagram picture showed a very close-up view of what appeared to be Bakhar's famous backside in a blue thong with the jar of Dragon Pharma protein in the background and the product itself dusting her rear end.

The picture was a big hit with Bakhar's fans, drawing thousands of likes and comments complimenting her physique.

"One of my favorite athletes! Keep grinding," one person shared.

"Buns of steal wow," another wrote.

Bakhar has amassed a following of 2.6 million people thanks in large part to her penchant for sharing very revealing images of her muscle-popping physique. The Ukrainian model shares videos of herself in the gym hitting the weights and posts post-workout photos of herself showing off the fruits of her labor in skimpy swimwear and lingerie. In doing so she has attracted a worldwide audience and earned the nickname "Miss Iron Bum" from fans.

In one recent photo, Nabieva posed on a bed while wearing a revealing black thong, showing off her chiseled legs and backside. The picture was another big hit with her followers, leading to plenty of compliments about her well-toned body.

It's likely a lucrative career for the fitness model. Aside from her work for Dragon Pharma, Bakhar has a number of other promotional deals with fashion and swimwear companies, using her Instagram page to sell the products to her millions of followers. While Instagram is crowded with models looking to get attention and make some money off their following, Bakhar Nabieva seems to have carved out a particularly strong niche in the fitness world.

It's not clear how much she makes for this work, but social media experts seem to suggest that it's a good living. Instagram models are generally paid $1,000 for every 100,000 followers they have, meaning Bakhar has the potential to make more than $20,000 for every post she shares --- and the number is likely even higher given that she can reach a specialty niche thanks to her fitness following.

Bakhar sells more than just fitness supplements for Dragon Pharma as well, also showing off her muscles to model the company's T-shirts in a picture shared to its Instagram page.