Cuban Fitness Model Lisa Morales Gyrates Her Hips Before Working Legs And Glutes In New Video

Lisa Morales, a Cuban fitness model with more than 2 million followers on Instagram, gave those fans a treat on Wednesday with her new workout video.

In the clip, Lisa focuses on her lower body and she shakes her booty a little bit before the serious work begins at the squat machine. She immediately drops into some weighted lunges and then follows that up with a couple of deadlifts and leg extensions with the barbell.

Lisa said in her caption that this was her morning workout routine, adding that fans should save the video and try the moves on their own. The clip also appears to be sponsored content for a sports nutrition company called Optimum Nutrition.

In the comments section, fans seemed less focused on the caption and more focused on the video.

"Yassss baby real booties still exist!!!" wrote fellow fitness model Melissa Molinaro.

"You make it look easy though, especially with the warm-up dancing," one fan wrote.

"Alright, I'm getting my butt to the gym," a second follower wrote.

"I can just feel the burn," a third declared.

This is hardly the first time that Lisa has shown off her legs on Instagram. As The Inquisitr reported, she did so in a much different context and location when she posted a photo of herself rocking a flirty pink dress in Havana, Cuba. The photo appears inspired by an iconic Marilyn Monroe scene from The Seven Year Itch because of how the dress is being blown by the wind.

"Okay, Marilyn Monroe!" one fan wrote in the comments.

Lisa saw the comment and joked that she was the Latin version.

In an interview with Women's Best, Lisa revealed that she got into fitness in 2009 because she wanted abs. She also said that the maintains a pretty strict diet and exercise regimen.

"It's a lifestyle," she said during the interview. "Working out 5 days a week and eating clean is part of my life and who I am. I feel weird when I miss a workout. Also having my fitness page motivates me when I see my followers making progress and reaching their fitness goals!"

Even though she's become known for sharing fitspiration content on Instagram, there's more to Lisa than toned muscles. She's the founder of a nonprofit called Miami Model Citizens, a group that gets bombshell beauties like herself involved in volunteer projects.

In the most recent post on the organization's Instagram page, Lisa is hanging out with kids from National Voice, an anti-bullying, violence and suicide initiative.

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