Colombian Fitness Model Anlella Sagra Shows Off Her Cleavage & Toned Abs In New Instagram Post

Anlella SagraInstagram

Colombian fitness model Anlella Sagra showed off her incredible body in a very sexy new post to Instagram that went live today.

In the image, Anlella is seen posing up against a brick wall, giving her photo a decidedly different look than the others fans can find on her Instagram page. The brick background helped give a darker tone to the photo, allowing Anlella’s bronzed skin to pop, of which there was a lot.

The model showed off her body in her newest post, posing in just a pair of tiny light blue panties and a denim button-up shirt, which was worn very far open and slipping off her left shoulder, exposing even more skin. The shirt’s sleeves were rolled up into cuffs that allowed her lower arms to be seen as well.

Anlella has serious curves, but even more serious muscles. The outfit she was wearing allowed her to show off her incredibly toned abs and her fit and well-muscled legs. She also softened the look by exposing her décolletage, almost fully showing her right breast to the camera. Her luscious curves and hardened torso gave the image another contrasting view of soft and hard, making it even more alluring to her more than 11 million fans.

Anllela’s styling for the shoot was also on point, adding to the overall effect of the snap. Her long blond hair was flowing down the right side of her body in bombshell waves, falling just to the side of her bust. She sported a full face of makeup, though the coloring was light, to give her face a more natural look. She wore a red lipstick, darkened brows, and a slight smoky eye.

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Anllela recently made The Inquisitr‘s list of Top 5 Sexiest Latina Bikini Models on Instagram, and a quick look at her social media account can explain why she was chosen. According to the bio on her website, Anllela Sagra, she wanted to be the first Colombian fitness model, a goal she has certainly achieved, if her follower count is anything to judge by.

The 26-year-old wrote that she was a university student studying fashion design and doing traditional modeling before she became focused on fitness. She also said she was extremely thin, as muscular bodies were not something coveted in Colombia. Anllela wrote that her life changed one day when she was at the gym.

“One day at the gym I met a trainer who would forever change my life, his knowledge and mentoring catalyzed the life style that I now live.”

Her website is also home to a variety of health and fitness programs, as well as an apparel shop. It seems that this fitness sensation is just getting started building her empire.

Fans who wish to see more from the Colombian bombshell can follow her on Instagram.