Alicia Silverstone Sits On A Toilet And Hikes Up Her Dress In Instagram Snapshot With Two Gal Pals

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Alicia Silverstone and two of her female friends came across an unusual women’s restroom during a trip to Ibiza, Spain, and they found a wild way to pose together for a photoshoot in the loo.

On Saturday, Alicia took to Instagram to share the snapshot that she and her pals took during their island vacation. It was taken at the Bambuddha restaurant, which has a bathroom with two toilets sitting side-by-side and no partition in between them. In the photo, the 43-year-old Clueless actress is pictured seated on one of the commodes. She’s wearing a short gingham dress with a large ruffle around the neck, and she has it hiked up between her legs. A pair of black sandals with chunky heels are on her feet, which are spread wide apart.

Alicia has her left hand resting on top of a roll of toilet paper that is sitting on a shelf. Her wavy blond hair has been parted to the side and is almost covering up one eye, but it’s clear that she’s staring at the toilet paper.

One of Alicia Silverstone’s friends, stylist Leah Snow, is sitting on the toilet next to her. She’s holding up the long black skirt of the third member of their trio, singer Alicia Solo. Solo is standing in between her friends with her back to the camera, and she has her legs spread wide apart so that they are positioned between Silverstone and Snow’s legs.

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Caption this ????

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Alicia Silverstone asked her followers to caption the photo, and they delivered.

“Squad goals,” wrote one fan.

“Hope we have enough toilet paper,” a second suggested.

“Well it’s more squat goals than squad goals….. but still,” quipped a third.

Alicia Silverstone has been treating her Instagram followers to plenty of photos from her idyllic Spanish vacation. In an image snapped during a visit to Cala d’en Serra beach, she’s pictured enjoying a drink at a tiny shoreside bar.

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Cala d’en Serra w/ @oliverjamesbroughton_

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She also posed for one photo on the beach. In it, the bare-faced beauty is rocking a sheer patterned swimsuit cover-up over a black bikini. She’s digging her toes in the sand, and green water is sparkling behind her. A small boat and rocky cliffs are also visible in the background.

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????: @oliverjamesbroughton_

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Alicia Silverstone might be best known for her starring role in Clueless, a teen comedy movie that’s still so popular today that Miley Cyrus’ ex, Kaitlynn Carter, referenced it in a recent Instagram post. However, she recently signed on for a role in a TV series based on books that are as familiar to most ’90s girls as Clueless is. According to Deadline, she’s been cast as one of the leads in the Netflix adaptation of The Baby-Sitters Club books. Silverstone will be playing Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer, the mother of Baby-Sitters Club president Kristy Thomas.