‘Playboy’ Princess Sarah Harris Explores Bora Bora In The Tiniest Bikini Imaginable

Sarah HarrisInstagram

Sarah Harris is enjoying Bora Bora. The Playboy model has been wowing her Instagram followers with stunning vacation snaps of late, with a brand new post landing on the blonde’s feed just today. The star tends to chop up her swimwear looks, often dividing them up with trendy fashion shows, but today is featuring the model back in her trademark bikini.

Sarah’s photo showed her in an idyllic setting with a Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora geotag. The model was photographed amid the resort’s lawns, with fans seeing lush palm trees and straw huts in the background. Sarah herself was taking up the foreground and managed to wow her fans without even showing her face.

The stunner appeared shot from behind in full length, with fans seeing today’s super tiny bikini. Sarah was flaunting her sensational curves in a white two-piece with a thong bottom. While the sleeved top covered some skin, the minuscule bottoms were a different story, with plenty of the model’s rear being displayed.

Sarah was gazing out at the view and mentioned it in her caption, although she did seem to be on the hunt for some burgers. As to what Sarah’s fans were thinking, it seemed like they were enjoying the view of the model herself.

“Insane shot mate,” one fan wrote.

“Absolutely gorgeous as aways,” another said.

“So beautiful girl” was another comment.

Plenty of comments came in praising the star for her fierce figure, with most users appearing to not quite notice the caption.

Sarah seemed confident and in her element today. The star’s killer legs, booty, and all-around fit and curvy frame were all on show, although she hasn’t always been body-confident. The star has battled her weight in the past in a rather serious way; Sarah has suffered from an eating disorder.

She has been vocal about both this and having undergone a breast augmentation, with words to her social media followers explaining her decision on the latter.

“The main reason why I got breast augmentation done was I was doing a lot of modeling at the time. The toll it was taking on my body was too much. I couldn’t deal with it anymore and my weight wasn’t dealing with it either. Because of my weight fluctuating so much, what happened was my breast tissue constricted, and it moved upwards, causing my breast tissues to actually herniate,” Sarah wrote, as The Sun reports.

Sarah recently made The Inquisitr‘s headlines for rocking a striped bikini.

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