‘Queen Of Cosplay’ Jessica Nigri Leaves Nothing To The Imagination In New Instagram Post

Jessica NigriInstagram

Cosplay sensation Jessica Nigri wowed her followers once again by posting a severely NSFW photo to her Instagram account yesterday, sending her more than 3.8 million followers into a video game character-fueled frenzy.

The upload consisted of a series of photos, each one offering a different look at the model’s most recent cosplay creation. While it’s very possible that some of Jessica’s fans are only following her because of her good looks and incredible body, it’s safe to say that a lot of them are most likely fans of nerd culture, just like Jessica. Her most recent post capitalized on that angle, posting her “lewd” take on Sirfetch’d, a new Pokemon that was introduced recently as a part of Pokemon Sword and Shield, a new installment of the Pokemon franchise that is set to be released November 15.

In the four-series slideshow, the cosplay queen treated her fans to a look at her copious curves and fit body. The first photo she included was actually two pics in one, giving her fans a look at the front and back of the outfit. She sported a barely-there yellow and green triangle bikini top that struggled to cover her voluptuous assets. In fact, she posed with her hands covering her nipples in order to not violate Instagram’s code of conduct.

The front-facing image saw Jessica kneeling on the ground with her legs spread in a very NSFW pose. She tilted her head to the side coquettishly and had Sirfetch’d’s leek sword and leaf shield laying on the ground around her. The back-side photo showed off her curvy butt, her thong barely visible in the shot, due to her lifting up one of her legs into the frame.

The second photo in the series saw Jessica take the leek sword in hand, facing away from the camera and looking up and away. She posed with her back to the viewer but twisted around so the ample sideboob that was exposed by her top was able to be seen. Her curvy booty was still visible, and the model had one hand on the strings of her bottoms, seemingly hiking them further up her waist to accentuate her trim figure.

The third photo was a closeup of Jessica’s upper body. While fans most likely had their attention drawn to the model’s significant bust — especially since she was using her hands to cover herself under the costume once again — the shot also gave followers a great view of her styling for the shoot. Jessica sported a full face of makeup, including darkened brows, dramatic eyeliner and eyeshadow, a deep contour, and a light pink blush. She also added a light pink color to her lips. Most notably, she wore a sea-foam green wig which perfectly matched the green color on her outfit.

The final snap was an up-close look at this cosplay queen’s luscious backside. Fans who were able to look past her curves were also able to see a more detailed look at the leek sword she carried.

Nintendo gave fans a sneak peek at a couple of the new Pokemon that will be showing up in their newest game prior to its release, though few have gotten as much fan appreciation as Farfetch’d’s new evolution, Sirfetch’d. Fans of the series know that Sirfetch’d is an exciting development, as Farfetch’d has never gotten an evolution in the more than 20 years the franchise has been around. It’s no surprise that Jessica chose that particular character to recreate.