'Boy Meets World' Star Maitland Ward Lifts Up Shirt In Exposing New Instagram Pic

Maitland Ward has delivered a very exposing social media update. The former Boy Meets World star has shed her sweetheart image in favor of a more racy one. As fans are likely aware, the redhead now works in the adult entertainment industry. Maitland's Instagram account definitely reflects that side of her career, with a photo landing on the star's feed today likely getting her fans into a tizzy.

The photo posted to Maitland's account showed her sitting on her bed in a look that was already pretty minimal. The star was seen in a lilac-colored top that she raised up, exposing her cleavage. She lifted the shirt with her left hand, keeping her right one on her thigh. The star's red painted nails were also on display.

The lower half proved pretty revealing too, with Maitland rocking a dark purple, barely-there pair of briefs. She posed for the photo looking directly into the camera. She was photographed from above and her baby-blue eyes offered a piercing gaze.

Maitland's post was to announce an appearance at an event, although for the star's fans, her cleavage's appearance was probably the biggest treat.

Maitland's shift into the adult industry has been a talking point for her fans.

As Complex reports, the star has spoken out about her first adult Drive movie.

"I don't think my fans have seen me like this before—really, they haven't. It's just very deep sensuality, and I think that is a really fun way to play an explorer, and I got to do things that I wouldn't have thought in the past. Just these sexual situations that are sort of taboo," Maitland said of her switch to a racier career.

"It's all been my authentic journey because everything that I have done along the way is something I wanted to explore and do, and I just did it publicly for my fans, that is the exhibitionist style of me," she added.Maitland's social media seems to showcase her adult side to the max. The star has rocked some cleavage-baring bikinis recently, with The Inquisitr documenting one donned just yesterday. As to fan response, it looks like followers of Maitland's Instagram are loving it. The star's post today managed to rack up over 10,000 likes and over 100 comments in just 37 minutes.

Maitland has 770,000 Instagram followers. Fans wishing to stay updated on the star's activity can give her account a follow.