Israeli Fitness Model Avital Cohen Shows Off Bombshell Body In Pink Bikini For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Avital Cohen is no stranger to wearing bikinis in her Instagram photos, but this time, she’s doing it for a good cause.

On Thursday, the Israeli fitness model uploaded a photo of herself rocking a pink bikini to raise awareness about breast cancer prevention. In the photo, the brunette beauty flaunts her cleavage and insanely toned abs as she runs a hand through her wind-tossed hair.

Wearing pink during October to bring attention to the disease is a common practice since this is recognized the world over as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. However, in the caption, Avital revealed that she has a special connection to the disease.

“My strength, my hearth… Whom I call MOM was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 months ago and had surgery 3 weeks ago,” she revealed. “Having #BreastCancer is difficult not just in the person who has it, but also on the entire family.”

The model added a heartwarming tribute to her mother, who she called a warrior.

“I believe as you do that laughing is the best medicine,” she continued. “I believe in being strong when everything “seems to go wrong” and yes I believe in miracles.”

She went on to encourage women to get checked for breast cancer by a doctor to increase the chances of early detection, which can be life-saving.

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My lovelies???? It is October, meaning it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month ???? My strength, my hearth.. Whom I call MOM was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 months ago and had a surgery 3 weeks ago. Having #BreastCancer is difficult not just in the person who has it, but also on the entire family . It’s tearing to see the person you love aches, in pains and somehow different in ways that are not just the physical impact, but the “new” facial expressions. That sudden sadness or maybe despair I see in the eyes that I never saw before. The fear of what is coming next, the unknown. Talking and not always getting an answer as she’s deep in her own mind. I can’t fully explain as it’s really a sort of an emotional roller coaster right now. Now just before facing her treatments she reclaimed her sense of humor telling everyone that her boobs tried to kill her???? My bionic mom (from a past severe accident) is a lady who overcomes EVERYTHING life throws in her way! Mom you’re the true meaning of this big word “Warrior”. I believe as you do that laughing is the best medicine. I believe in being strong when everything “seems to go wrong” and yes I believe in miracles???? YOU’VE GOT THIS MOM. Fight and Rise ???? ????Ladies, for your own sake do checkups for early detection???? May god bless you all???? P.S. Show your support for those who are fighting???? Wear pink and tag me???? #PinkOctober #BreastCancerAwareness #חודשהמודעותלסרטןהשד #לכולהבדק #גילוימוקדםמצילחיים #BreastCancerFighter

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In the comments, fans shared their best wishes for Avital’s mom.

“So much love and luck to you and your mom,” one fan wrote.

“She will fight it,” another added. “She has you as inspiration.”

This isn’t the first time that Avital has shared a meaningful caption with one of her gorgeous photos. As The Inquisitr reported, she recently shared an inspirational message with her followers about self-reflection and self-discovery. In the photo that accompanied her words, she wore a black sports bra and legging combo with leopard print trim from Fashion Nova.

Avital has also been open about her own struggles with eating disorders. In a post from last year, she revealed that she once thought of food as an enemy and thought that everything that she ate would make her fat. In her mind, gaining weight was the worst thing that could happen to her, so food was something that Avital admitted to avoiding as much as she could.

Fortunately, she dealt with her mental health issues and worked on developing a healthy relationship with food. This was also around the time that she started working out at the gym and developing the physique that would make her famous.

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???? My change 2018 Vs 2014, 42kg before and now 53kg, 16% fat???? PLEASE READ Lately I get a lot of messages from girls with the same question: did you always lived a fit healthy life... sorry to disappoint you girls but NO!! 4 years ago I had a severe eating disorder. I was afraid to eat because in my mind I was fat. Not that this is not ok but for ME it was a nightmare. I was never satisfied with my looks or my weight.. never happy with myself and quite often very hard and judgmental about my body . After dealing with my mental health I began to workout and to eat six little meals per day to adopt my body to EAT. I Struggled a lot since food was my enemy. It’s a journey I took and embraced in order to LIVE. Since then I’m a much happier person, positive, healthier and treat my body with the love it deserves. It’s so easy to DOWNGRADE yourself while BELIEVING in yourself may be the hardest thing ever but not impossible. I know that because I’ve been there and still struggle now and then when I feel I ate too much????our body hears everything our mind tells us. Use the struggles as a drive to work harder on your mind and body. Not just in being fit but in everything you do. It’s possible!! Now find your own reasons to better your life????I BELIEVE IN YOU????❤ #BodyPositive #Acceptance #WSHHfitness #Fitfam

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