‘World’s Sexiest Nurse’ Lauren Drain Flaunts Incredible Curves & Washboard Abs In Skimpy Swimsuit

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“World’s Sexiest Nurse” Lauren Drain drove fans wild with her latest Instagram post. The fitness model shared a series of sexy snaps for her 3.9 million followers to enjoy.

The throwback photos, taken in April, showed the registered nurse posing on a white sand beach. The stunner wore a cut-out, multi-colored one-piece that left little to the imagination. The tan and toned model looked like a summer goddess in her barely-there beachwear. The skimpy swimsuit put her toned abs, incredible curves, and long, lean legs on full display. She accessorized the look with her wedding ring and dainty stud earrings.

Lauren’s honey-color hair was tousled and windblown, giving her even more sex appeal. She wore glamorous makeup that included subtle contour, voluminous lashes, and matte, nude lipstick.

Lauren, who is now six months pregnant, left a message about body positivity in the caption. She noted that when the pictures were taken she was unhappy with how she looked. She also stated that she believes women hating their bodies is a societal issue. Lauren went on to say that pregnancy has allowed her to be less critical of herself. The stunner proceeded to urge her followers to begin their own journey of self-acceptance.

Fans seemed to love Lauren’s sentiment.

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Which is your fave? Pose 1 or 2?!???? I took these photos at the beginning of April this year. ATTENTION LADIES PLEASE READ! I remember thinking, my abs & obliques aren’t showing enough, I wish I had curvier hips or bigger butt lol. Holy crap we women are so hard on ourselves! I know from experience working with thousands of women all over the world how much we scrutinize & judge our bodies looking for the tiniest of flaws or trying to find flaws where there are none. It’s like society has conditioned us to constantly look to be better or more than we are and has made us feel that we are never enough even when others may be looking at us and envying what we have. Looking back on my body and these photos I am blown away that I wasn’t more appreciative of my body back then. I am so happy to experience pregnancy and all the body changes I’m going through because it is making me appreciate myself, my body, my hard work. It’s humbling me and making me learn to love myself and stop looking for perfection and instead loving myself at every stage I’m at and to be proud of all the progress I have made and can make over the years. Ladies there’s room for progress, but love yourself every step of the way and appreciate where you are now. You’d be surprised, you may look back at yourself one day where you are now and absolutely love and envy what you have now. Love yourself and remember progress, not perfection.

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“Preaaaaaccchhh,” said a follower, adding a string of fire emoji to the comment.

“Thanks for sharing such wonderful wise words, putting this [into] thought and it’s very true to appreciate what we are and how we look, there was a point in life that Instagram/ society had made me feel less than what [I] am…” wrote a different commenter.

The provocative post has already racked up more than 12,000 likes.

This isn’t the first time that Lauren has opened up about the ways in which pregnancy has changed her outlook. Last week, the beauty posted a revealing picture on Instagram that showed her cellulite.

“With the rapid onset of weight gain during my first trimester, high carb/high fats (unable to maintain a healthy diet due to extreme all-day nausea), elevated estrogen levels, I’ve acquired cellulite all over during my pregnancy,” read the caption.

She asserted, however, that cellulite is extremely common and is not indicative of poor health. The medical professional explained a majority of women have dimpling on their bodies due to a variety of reasons. She did note that the appearance of cellulite can be diminished through diet and exercise.

To keep up with Lauren, be sure to check out her Instagram account.

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