Kaley Cuoco Rocks A See-Through Shirt On Instagram: 'The Story Of What Lies Beneath The Missoni Blazer'

Kaley Cuoco was in style today from the front and the back. The Big Bang Theory actress took to Instagram earlier today with a snap of herself looking all dolled-up as she rocked a Missoni plaid pantsuit. The first photo posted saw the actress photographed from the front and looking like a total doll.

However, it looks like the actress shared another update, as Kaley's first photo was swiftly followed by another. While the first snap had shown Kaley indoors as she gazed ahead, it was like the second had turned everything on its head. Here, the blonde was seen snapped from behind, with her gazing ahead and towards an outdoor field. Those fields tend to be packed with horses on Kaley's Instagram, but the image didn't seem to focus on the 33-year-old's love of the equestrian life. In fact, it looked like this snap was out to showcase something special -- although a horse or two was included.

The photo showed Kaley rocking a white t-shirt that had multi-color panels on it. The tee had "GANG'S ALL HERE" written across it. Some dogs and horses were also shown on the shirt – Kaley is massively into both, with frequent Instagram stories showing her with a pup.

Kaley's caption seemed to explain what was going on, as she told fans what goes on underneath the designer clothing items that she wears. Yes, this star might have been rocking a high-end Italian brand, but the tees underneath are simple as they come.

As Kaley continued in her caption, the shirt was a present dating back to when she tied the knot with husband Karl Cook. Kaley has been thanking her nearest and dearest for their various gifts -- just recently, she rocked a nightshirt on Instagram, noting that it was also gifted by a friend and happened to be her favorite one ever.Kaley has been making headlines since the sitcom that made her famous came to an end. While the star's Penny character is no more, her career is still going strong. Kaley has a new production company, plus a new project which sees her starring in The Flight Attendant.Speaking to PopSugar about the project, Kaley sounded excited about the role, which will also see her as a producer.

"This is the first time I have a project that I'm kind of nurturing from the beginning, so it's been a really interesting experience. It's got a lot of aspects. It's very sexy. It's a really well-written book, which is why I wanted to option it. I'm ready to bring the character to life," she said about the series, which is based on a written work.

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