Alexis Ren Goes Braless In Corset Cinch Belt & Gives Coy Looks

Alexis Ren wears a clear and silver dress.
Craig Barritt / Getty Images

Alexis Ren was recently spotted on Maxim Magazine’s Instagram feed, and the photo showed her sizzling in a revealing outfit. Prior to this, the model shared close-up shots in a bikini on her personal page.

In this photo, Alexis was spotted sitting down while wearing a black jacket with a busty design and a gold corset cinch belt, exposing her chest as she decided to go braless. She did, however, censor her curves with her jacket, which was left unzipped. The jacket featured birds, tree branches, and flowers.

The model wore her hair down in a slightly off-center part and tilted her head to the left. She gave a coy look with her lips parted, as she rocked eye-catching jewelry that included a large, chunky necklace and earrings.

Ren leaned against a white wall with red floral-inspired patterns, placing her hands on her upper thighs, while a floor-length mirror showed her from a different angle. A large green lamp could also be spotted to the right.

This photo was geotagged in Paris, France, and received over 20,000 likes.

Fans raved about Alexis in the comments section.

“So seductive and gorgeous,” said a fan.

“Perfection personified,” said another admirer.

“This might be the most amazing photo ever,” a third follower gushed.

“I like the way everything put together the attire pic came out sweet,” observed another follower.

“Why aren’t you the next cover girl? I mean really,” an Instagram user wondered.

It’s hard to know if or when Alexis may grace the cover of Maxim next time. However, it’s worth noting that she was previously the cover girl in August 2017.

In addition to this post, Alexis shared a video on her personal Instagram feed that’s likely to have caught her fans’ attention. Unlike her usual posts, this update focused on her role in the music video for Ed Sheeran’s new song, “South of the Border.”


The song also features Cardi B and Camila Cabello, according to Rolling Stone. The clip that Alexis shared shows her being tied up in a chair at first. But later on, she’s busy knocking people out with her fighting moves.

The video has been watched over 591,000 times so far, though the model opted to disable the comments section.

It’ll be interesting to see if Ren continues to pursue other acting opportunities in the near future. For now, fans can hope for more updates from her in the coming days.