September 30, 2019
Niece Waidhofer Flaunts Figure In Strappy Get-Up That Barely Covers Her Assets

Niece Waidhofer puts in the work necessary to create alluring photos. Over the weekend, she put her talents on display with a photo that not only showcased her fabulous figure, it showed how skillful she can be while taking a sexy bedroom selfie.

In the snap, Niece sat on her knees in front of a mirror wearing a strappy white lingerie get-up. The top featured a white corset which barely contained her breasts. She also wore a white garter belt with straps across her low back, white thong panties, and white stockings. The camera was situated behind Niece, so viewers got a nice look of her front side as well as her backside. The beauty sat in a room that seemed to be only lit by candles. Her skin glowed from the candlelight.

Niece held one hand up to the mirror as the camera captured her looking at her reflection. She appeared to be wearing a full face of makeup with dark brows and thick lashes. Her long hair fell down her back and over one shoulder.

In the post's caption, Niece made a reference to the mirror of Erised from the Harry Potter series, noting that her deepest desire was Dunkaroos. Many fans commented on how Dunkaroos were their favorite snacks, but others were too distracted by what she was wearing to think about anything else.

The photo was a hit among followers.

"If I liked this any harder I'd break my thumb," one fan joked.

"So. Damn. FINE," wrote another admirer.

Niece doesn't post every day, so when she does, her fans take notice. In fact, it has been over a week since she updated her Instagram account. Several fans seemed happy to see the stunner back in their feed.

"Glad to see you again," commented one fan.

"Welcome back sexy," said another follower.

"Dang where were you? We missed you," one admirer wrote.

Other than photos that showcase her stunning figure, Niece's fans most likely miss her playful personality when she is away. Rarely does the beauty post without some kind of clever comment that engages her followers.

As fans of the Instagram sensation know, Niece's last few updates have included her experimenting with mirrors. As The Inquisitr reported earlier in the month, she titillated her fans wearing a dominatrix-inspired ensemble posing in front of a mirror.

It seems regardless of where she is or what she wears, she looks fabulous.

Fans wanting to see more of Niece can follow her Instagram account.