Sara Underwood Shows Off Cleavage In The Desert Wearing Colorful Striped Swimsuit

David BeckerGetty Images

Sara Underwood treated her millions of fans to a new swimsuit photo and they’re really excited about it. In the shot, the model/travel blogger is rocking a striped multicolored swimsuit while she relaxes in a river located in the Utah desert. She accessorized the outfit with a wide-brimmed woven hat and a bright smile.

In the caption, Sara revealed that the swimsuit was from fashion retailer, Pretty Little Thing. Although she neglected to share the name of the design, a quick search of their website reveals that it is called the “Stripe Low Back Scoop Neck Swimsuit” and it retails for $28.

Sara received lots of compliments for her look in the comments section.

“That must be the ultimate camp spot by the river,” one fan wrote. “Love that smile. What a colorful one-piece! Looks good on you.”

Another seemed to have challenged themselves to fit as many compliments as they could into one sentence.

“Stunning beautiful lady inside and out with a nice personality and good sense of humor and very attractive,” they gushed.

Sara’s photo also appears to have influenced one of her fan’s travel plans.

“I guess I’ll have to postpone my trip to Utah,” they wrote. “It just lost its greatest feature; you.”

Sara is likely used to getting these types of comments since she regularly posts NSFW photos of herself as she travels to beautiful locations.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, she got the same kind of feedback when she posted a photo of herself rocking a nude bodysuit in the desert. The photo currently has more than 100,000 likes and over 400 comments.

“Apparently it’s time to start heading home,” she wrote in the caption. “But I still have so many more cute desert outfits to wear.”

Sara is a former Playboy model who was named Playmate of the Month in 2006 and Playmate of the Year the following year.

She once said in an interview that she ended up at the Playboy casting on a whim.

“I was just in school studying and never really thought I had what it takes to be in Playboy, much less Playmate of the year,” she said, as reported by Uproxx. “I ended up getting picked to be on the cover. Then I got chosen as playmate of the month in July 2006.”

According to The Sun, the Portland native now makes her money via Patreon, as her fans use the platform to fund her travels and receive photos/videos of her and other perks in return.

Based on her most recent Instagram post, she’s also making revenue thanks to Instagram sponsorships, as that photo is an ad for Pretty Little Thing.

Based on the comments that she receives under her posts, it’s clear that her fans love her content, so she’ll likely be traveling and sharing photos for a long time to come.