Fitness Model Bakhar Nabieva's Revealing Locker Room Selfie Shows Why She's Called 'Miss Iron Bum'

Bakhar Nabieva may work very hard to keep her rock-solid physique, but the fitness model known as "Miss Iron Bum" always has time to show off for her fans with some racy locker room selfies.

The model, who is Ukrainian but originally from Azerbaijan, shared a racy snap of herself in the locker room after a workout, wearing only a bikini bottom and T-shirt as she showed off her chiseled legs and tight stomach. The Instagram snap was a huge hit with her international fan base, prompting many of them to offer some praise in the comments.

"Dying. Beauty and beast in one!" a fan wrote.

"Your leg workout training from Youtube killed me. Still in pain, full respect," another added.

Nabieva has become one of the most popular international fitness models on Instagram thanks in large part to her penchant for sharing revealing pictures of herself. In one recent shot, Bahkar reclined on a bed, showing off her backside in a thong. In another, she showed off in a colorful bikini outside, giving viewers an up-close glimpse of her washboard abs.

She has amassed a following of 2.6 million and regularly gets viral attention for her posts, which are shared across the celebrity news landscape and among men's magazines. These photos never fail to get a big reaction from fans as well, regularly garnering tens of thousands of likes and supportive comments from across the globe.

Though Bakhar Nabieva has earned the nickname "Miss Iron Bum" for her eye-popping muscles, she was not always so focused on fitness. Bakhar said in an interview with the U.K.'s Metro that she was lost the first few times she stepped into the gym, but was hooked once she started to see her muscles developing.

"I started going to the gym but I had no idea how to build an exercise routine correctly so I just started working on the physical part. One day I woke up and looked in the mirror and I saw some muscles. Once I saw the result of developing muscles nothing could stop me," she shared.

Bakhar Nabieva has now become a star across all of social media. Aside from her 2.6 million Instagram followers, she also has millions of views on YouTube for her workout tutorials that show just how much work goes into staying so fit.
Those who want to see more from Bahkar Nabieva can check out her Instagram page.