September 27, 2019
Jeffrey Epstein's Secret Blackmail Tapes Were Used To Influence Intelligence Agencies, Says John Mark Dougan

During the recent episode of the podcast, Epstein: Devil in the Darkness, former Palm Beach County Deputy Sheriff John Mark Dougan spoke about the secret DVDs that Jeffrey Epstein reportedly kept in his luxurious Manhattan townhome. According to Dougan, the DVDs contain footage from the bedrooms in his property, and he believes they were used to blackmail the wealthy.

Per Radar Online, Dougan revealed that every bedroom in Epstein's homes had multiple cameras installed to keep track of everyone inside. The accused sex trafficker allegedly stored all of the footage, but according to Dougan, the Palm Beach Police Department was unable to get its hands on the DVDs; a search revealed nothing.

"It's not really a question of who would have had access. The question you should be asking is: Who had knowledge that the search was coming? And the answer to that is the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office and the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office."
According to Dougan, he believes people within these two organizations were responsible for helping Epstein evade capture.

Former Palm Beach Police Chief Michael Reiter echoed Dougan's comments. He claims that the convicted sex offender had a mole in the department that tipped him off whenever investigators were closing in. Reiter claims that Epstein remained one step ahead of officers during the course of the investigation into him, and there were several instances where search warrants revealed a home that was wiped clean of the toys and sexual devices that victims described.

Between both Dougan and Reiter's accounts, it seems more likely that Epstein had connections in the police force. Dougan believes that Epstein was blackmailing the wealthy with his DVD footage and using it as leverage within various Western intelligence agencies.

"He was able to leave jail basically anytime he wanted. Right? This is like really unheard of. But he was able to leave jail as long as he had two deputies go with him on an overtime detail. They were paid overtime detail," he said.

Dougan adds that the while contracted overtime workers at the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office are typically selected from a random pool of workers, Epstein's case was different. The pair working with Epstein was "handpicked by the sheriff," and Dougan added that there were workers that looked the other way when Epstein brought girls into his home or office.

Epstein also reportedly had a vast network of professionals that worked with him and enabled his behavior. This network allegedly included doctors, psychiatrists, dentists, hairdressers, and immigration lawyers.