Former 'Teen Mom OG' Farrah Abraham Is Praised For Her Beauty While Haters Stay Away

Farrah Abraham has been posting quite frequently these past few days while hawking her new jewelry line, Kollectin X Farrah. The former Teen Mom OG star has done her best to remain relevant after being axed from the show, but she has also been thwarted at times by her public. For instance, the mom-of-one was called out for showing up at this year's Emmys, even though the reality star held her head high. That time, certain naysayers blasted Farrah for showing up in this unexpected place while not being seen on TV any longer, as reported on by The Inquisitr.

Meanwhile, her appearance on social media was received in a different way on September 26. In fact, some of Farrah's fans praised her looks on Instagram. In the first image from a two-picture upload, the ex-Teen Mom star was seen wearing a pretty white, off-the-shoulder dress as she held her hand up to her hair. Her makeup was dynamic, with her pout painted in deep red lipstick and matching gloss. Her brows were seductively groomed while her bronzed face seemed to glow.

She wore a few pieces of jewelry that presumably are part of her new collection. She rocked tiny drop earrings in white, a couple of gold bangles, and what looked like two necklaces but the latter were mostly hidden from the shot.

The second image from the upload started out as a still -- which was a lot saucer and sexier than the first one -- and turned into a video highlighting more of Farrah's Kollectin jewelry collection. For the opening photograph, the ex Teen Mom OG was rocking a lot of cleavage as a long gold necklace fell in between her ample breasts. She wore pink lipstick in the shot and her long brown locks were partially pushed over to one side.

"She looks stunning in these pics," stated one of Farrah's 2.2 million Instagram followers.

"Glamorous," said another fan, who added a string of fire emoji and a string of 100 percent emoji.

Strangely, those were the only two comments attached to Farrah's Thursday share after half an hour of being uploaded. In addition, she only garnered 317 likes within that timeframe.

In contrast, the reality star's share from earlier in the day garnered more than 8,000 likes within two hours of being uploaded, while a slew of comments showed up from Instagram users, many of whom acted like haters.

"I'm pretty sure that you're high," said one.

"Is this a pyramid scheme lol," another asked about her jewelry collection.

"What did she smoke?" asked a third Instagram user.

A fourth individual called Farrah "irritating."

However, from amongst the naysayers were a number of complimentary fans, like one who said, "I actually love you both!

"I'll support you and your daughter for life. Two beautiful humans," the commenter added, also showing some love for Farrah's daughter, Sophia.

That being said, the former Teen Mom OG will likely always need to comb through the negative comments on her social media shares. Still, Farrah seems to handle all of the controversies well enough so she is able to carry on with whatever project she takes on.

To see what Farrah Abraham is up to at any given time, check out her Instagram account.