You Can Actually Bet On Whether Someone Will Throw A Sex Toy On The Field During Sunday’s Bills-Patriots Game

Brett CarlsenGetty Images

If you have a feeling that some member of the Bills Mafia is going to throw a sex toy on the field this Sunday, you can make a few bucks off of it.

The Buffalo Bills will host the New England Patriots on Sunday with AFC East supremacy on the line, but at least one betting outfit is keeping an eye on another strange storyline. In each of the last two years, when the Patriots have traveled to Orchard Park to take on the Bills, someone in the crowd has thrown a “sex toy” on the turf while Tom Brady and the Patriots offense has been on the field.

OddsShark, the online betting outfit known for offering some viral and eye-catching wagers, is now putting out odds on whether it will happen for a third year. Gamblers have -140 odds if they think someone will throw one onto the field, while “no” is currently at even money.

The odds could be good that it happens again. As SB Nation noted after the Bills loss to the Patriots on Monday Night Football last year, there were actually three separate times that fans threw the phallic-shaped adult products onto the field (though not all of them actually made it to the field of play).

The report poked fun at the Bills fans for their affinity for the strange toys and took the chance to needle the team for what was, at that point, an inability to get into the endzone.

“With three [sex toys] being thrown on the field, that matches the amount of passing touchdowns that the Bills have thrown this year,” the report noted. “Josh Allen has two passing touchdowns, Nathan Peterman has one, and Derek Anderson has zero on the season.”

Tom Brady seems prepared for Sunday’s game either way. The Patriots quarterback gave some praise to Bills fans this week, saying that they make it very difficult for opposing quarterbacks to play in Buffalo.

“It’s a great environment for football,” he said, via ESPN. “This will be the toughest game we’ve faced, and we’re going to have to play a great game. To go on the road is tough, and certainly early in the game, after their pregame tailgate when they’re a little fired up — they’re pretty loud. We’ve got to execute early. Starting fast, which we’ve actually done a good job with all year, is really important this week.”

Brady didn’t seem too impacted in last year’s game, throwing for 324 yards in his team’s win over the Bills.

Those who want to see if Bills fans make it three years in a row for sex toys on the field can check out the game on Sunday at 1 p.m. ET.