Charly Jordan Shows Her Peach & Wears Shell Necklaces Instead Of A Bikini Top

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Charly Jordan seemingly knows how to maximize every Instagram post, as she’s been busy sharing inspirational captions lately along with eye-catching photos. This was a case a few days ago when she shared a series of four images that likely caught many of her fans’ attention.

The photos showed her posing at the beach, wearing only a black thong bikini bottom and long, shell necklaces.

The first photo of the set was a close-up of Charly’s face, as she placed her right hand on her chest to censor the shot. She smiled with her lips closed and wore her hair down and slicked back. She wore the shell necklaces backward, so they fell down her back, as she rocked natural-looking makeup. This included silver eyeshadow and pink lipstick. Her skin appeared to be glowing from the sun.

The second and third photos were taken from further away, as Jordan showed her peach. In one of the shots, she looked over her left shoulder at the camera, while placing her left hand on her chest. The other photo showed Charly throwing her head back as she closed her eyes. In this image, she placed her right hand on her chest and wrapped her left hand around her midriff.

And the final photo showed her facing the camera straight-on, as the necklaces fell down the front of her body, and reached her bikini bottoms. She interlocked her fingers in front of her chest and smiled with her lips slightly parted. The photo was cropped just under her eyes, however, so the focus was on her toned body.

Fans gushed about her attractive looks in the comment section.

“If there is anything close to perfect…then that is you!” exclaimed a fan.

“I don’t think words can explain how beautiful you are and I’m tryna dive in it,” said another fan.

Meanwhile, many followers commented on the long and inspirational captions.

“D*mn girl, so much beauty, so much wisdom. Never stop,” said a follower.

“#2 And do what makes you happy it’s as simple as that specially if you have the choice,” said another follower.

“You are a natural beauty and a brand unto yourself. Thank you for you,” said an Instagram user.

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It’s so hilarious to me how restrictive the internet/entertainment industry can be for how open it is all at the same time. I constantly get told I have to build a brand, be a certain way, or that there’s a traditional order of doing things. People drive themselves up the wall cracking underneath all of this pressure, including myself at times. But I’m trying to do everything, be everything, experience as much as I can while I have this lifetime. I don’t want to fit a brand, or be somebody else’s idea of perfect. I want to talk to everybody I can talk to, hear as many stories, visit as many cultures as I can! Don’t restrict yourself, and don’t put pressure on yourself trying to be what somebody else wants you to be, or what a job tells you to be, or what your parents told you you should be. As long as you’re doing what makes you happy and involving yourself in things you are truly passionate about that’s really all that matters because that’s when you’ll be able to give off the love and energy that the people around you in your life deserve, including yourself... Moments w @jessicajckphoto

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And this isn’t to mention another Instagram update from yesterday, where she rocked a small, gold mini dress.

Jordan posed in front of an impressive city backdrop, as she rocked the glittery ensemble. The dress featured thick straps and a low scoop neckline. It was fairly short also, as the model showcased her lean legs.

This update was liked over 173,000 times.