Kate Beckinsale’s ‘Naked Chef’ Selfie Has Fans Joking About Cauliflower

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Kate Beckinsale shared a new selfie today, and her fans seemed to be loving it. The photo only showed her from her shoulders up, but her captions revealed that she was apparently cooking naked. Apparently, cauliflower was on the menu, which led to her fans making jokes about the vegetable.

The actress gave a sultry look for the shot, as she parted her lips slightly while rocking light pink lipstick. She also wore her hair pulled back, her bangs framing her face. She wore dark mascara and light blush.

Kate didn’t say anything about what she was planning on doing tonight besides cooking. However, her makeup and hair looked arguably spot-on, so perhaps she is heading somewhere tonight or already got home from an engagement.

Either way, there were plenty of nice comments about Kate’s good looks, but there were also lots of messages about her cooking.

“@katebeckinsale watch out where the boiling water splashes. Your cauliflower will never be the same,” said a fan.

“I’d love to be your cauliflower…,” remarked a second.

“Lucky cauliflower?” a third commenter quipped.

Others complained about not liking cauliflower.

“Cauliflower can be treacherous. Don’t trust it,” one fan offered.

“Hottest food made by hottest chef, is that right?” a second user asked.

The photo is proving to be popular, as it has racked up over 20,000 likes in the first 25 minutes since it went live.

It’s no secret that Kate’s presence captures many people’s attention, not just on social media, but in real life too.

Beckinsale was spotted a week ago, in fact, heading to the London Heathrow Airport. And it wasn’t just her sleek outfit that got her noticed, as she apparently headed there with 17 suitcases, detailed Metro. Considering the amount of space that 17 suitcases can take up, it’s not too surprising to hear that she needed an entire transit van just for her belongings.

Paparazzi captured images of two porters pushing large dollies filled to the top with her baggage.

Kate was also spotted that day, rocking a mostly-black ensemble that featured a black blazer and dark leggings. She infused a pop of color with her white t-shirt, which featured the iconic Rolling Stones logo. The actress had her hair pulled back in a casual ponytail and also wore a pair of black sunglasses.

At any rate, fans can look forward to more updates from Kate in the coming days. Whether she’ll share any photos or stories of her cauliflower dish is still up in the air.

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