$250,000 Subway Map Typo Spotted In NYC

Were you upset when the MTA raised its fares? Well, there might be another fare hike in the near future to cover the cost of a $250,000 subway map typo.

The MTA recently changed its fare prices, but they forgot to make the change on its new maps. The MTA reportedly had to toss out nearly $250,000 worth of maps because of the incorrect information.

The NY Post reports that the new maps advertised the minimum price for a pay-per-ride card as $4.50. But that was the old rate. The new rate is $5. The MTA reportedly printed thousands of these maps and handed them out to stations throughout the city.

According to a transit source, the MTA has been working frantically to take down the maps.

The source said: “They’re very embarrassed about this … They were frantically calling the booths trying to get these maps back.”

The exact number of incorrect maps, and the exact amount of money wasted isn’t known yet, but members of the Transit Workers Union estimated that at least 80,000 maps were printed incorrecly. Which means that the MTA just made a $250,000 subway map typo.

Paul Flores, an MTA station agent and union leader, said: “They weren’t coming out with a new map because they were changing the map. They were coming out with a new map because they were changing the price … That was the sole purpose. And they couldn’t even get that right.”

A correct version of the map is expected to bit subway stations in the city later this month.

This is hardly the first time that the MTA has made a typo. The Gothamist even made a Top Typos list to detail all of NYC Transit’s mistakes. But the $250,000 subway map typo has got to be the most expensive in MTA history.