Instagram Bombshell Pamela Alexandra Rocks A Dress So Tight, It’s Barely Holding On

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Pamela Alexandra’s dress is putting in some overtime in her latest racy picture.

The curvy model took to Instagram this weekend to share a shot of herself wearing a green-and-black dress that was so skintight, it just barely held on to prevent her from spilling out of it. Pamela stood with her back to a wall in an otherwise empty room, her leg raised and a slight smile on her face.

“Stuffed and happy,” Pamela wrote, describing both herself and the dress.

The Instagram snap was a smash hit with Pamela’s fans, garnering thousands of likes and supportive comments — especially with regard to her very ample physique.

“Just hella thick,” one person commented.

“Yes babe. What a package,” another shared. “Awesome.”

Pamela Alexandra has amassed a huge following of very devoted fans, largely thanks to her penchant for sharing racy snaps that show off her curves. Her Instagram feed is filled with pictures of her rocking skimpy bikinis and other very revealing dresses, which has gone well for her modeling work.

Pamela frequently shares sponsored posts for some top fashion and swimwear companies, including a number for the “curve” line from online fashion giant Fashion Nova. The sponsorship deal she has with the company is likely netting Pamela a very nice income, as social media experts say that models generally make $1,000 for every 100,000 followers they have. Because Pamela’s following is at 2.5 million — and ever growing — that means she can likely net up to $25,000 for a single post.

As online expert Joe Gagliese told Vox in a story about Instagram influencers, some companies find it more valuable to work with models like Alexandra than big-name celebrities (who would likely net 10 times what Pamela makes for her posts).

“These influencers have moved into celebrity territory,” he said. “An endorsement from them is just as valuable as working with LeBron. They have incredibly engaged audiences and have an ability to push really big numbers.”

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Stuffed and happy???? @fashionnovacurve

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Pamela’s feed is filled with similarly revealing posts. In one, she modeled some skimpy black lingerie as she lounged on a couch.

Another shot saw Pamela taking in the sights of a tropical vacation while rocking a thong bikini.

As her followers know well, Pamela is always on the go for her modeling work. She frequently travels to different locations around the globe, doing photo shoots and promoting some resorts.

Those who want to see more from Pamela Alexandra can check out her Instagram feed.