‘Queen Of Curves’ Abigail Ratchford Sets Instagram On Fire In Thong Bodysuit

Rachel MurrayGetty Images for MaximExperiences

Abigail Ratchford wants fans to help decide which of her hairstyles they like best — but it’s a different part of the fitness model’s body that seems to have caught their attention.

Ratchford took to Instagram this week to post side-by-side photos of herself, one with straight hair as she wears a thong bodysuit, and the other with curly hair as she rocks an even more revealing black ensemble. The model asked her fans to help decide which way her hair looked better, but wasn’t getting much help from her 9 million followers.

“Both look great on you!” one follower answered.

“I mean honestly you would look good even bald,” another added.

While the question may not have garnered the response she was hoping for, it shows how Ratchford has been able to reach the pinnacle of her industry. She has become one of the most successful fitness models on Instagram thanks to her penchant for sharing very revealing glimpses of herself and for her frequent interactions with fans. Her page is filled with pictures in various stages of undress, with the snaps regularly getting viral interest.

Ratchford also shows off the very hard work that goes into staying so fantastically fit. In an interview with Men’s Fitness, she divulged her diet regimen that includes lots of green juices and smoothies but also some cheats like pulled pork sandwiches and macaroni and cheese.

But when it comes to the gym, she is even more serious. The model sports a rock-hard physique and said she has over time developed a routine that keeps her looking “long and lean,” which plays so well with her Instagram followers.

“Initially, I made the mistake that a lot of girls do and I was only doing cardio. I just really didn’t see too much change in my body,” she shared. “I’ve been listening to my girlfriends who are in great shape and they say you have to do weight training, you have to go in and do squats. That’s my new thing—I’ve been doing some resistance training, circuit training, and also pilates.”

The work has helped earn Ratchford the nickname “Queen of Curves” and made her one of the most popular fitness models outside of Instagram as well, helping her to garner regular attention from celebrity news sites and props from men’s magazines like Maxim.

Those who want to see more from Ratchford can check out her Instagram page.