Brunette Bombshell Niece Waidhofer Wears Bandana For A Top & Instagram Can’t Deal

Niece WaidhoferInstagram

Niece Waidhofer seems to have a terrific imagination. The brunette bombshell has come up with many interesting and enticing ideas for her Instagram posts. On Wednesday, she got extra creative and decided to wear a bandana as a top.

At least it looked like a bandana. In the selfie, Niece wore a strip of a white bandana horizontally across her breasts like a bandeau-style top. For an extra bit of fun, she tied the ends right in the middle of her cleavage. The fabric stretched tight across her chest, bringing the eye to her bosom. There was little else to see in the snap other than Niece’s slender waistline, as the photo captured the beauty from the waist up.

The Instagram sensation wore a full face of makeup with expertly sculpted eyebrows and full eyelashes. She wore her long hair straight over her shoulders. She held one hand up to her mouth as she smiled coquettishly at the camera.

Niece kept all other distractions at bay as she stood against a blank wall. The photo captured the attention of her fans, and many could not help but express how they felt about the bandana. Several fans said they thought the look was sexy, and one admirer even called Niece a “bandana babe.” Others felt that the bandana might be under an unusual amount of stress. Regardless of how followers felt about the bandana, they were thrilled with how it looked on Niece in the photo.

“Actually love this look!” one fan said.

“Simple, effective and awesome,” said one follower.

Another admirer joked that he liked Niece’s new bra, adding that he had several of his own bandanas that would look good on her.

One fan told Niece that it was his favorite look so far.

“You are pulling off that style still. Looks good!”

Niece seems to be able to pull off many different styles. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the beauty rocked a dominatrix-style look earlier today.

The stunner has been known to push the limits as to what Instagram will allow. She doesn’t seem to mind showing off a bit of skin, and she also seems to know what her 1 million followers like to see. In addition to having an amazing body, she also has a sense of humor that resonates with her fans.

Fans wanting to see more of the witty social media sensation can follow her Instagram account.