Bald Selma Blair Strips Down To Swimsuit & Instagram Is Absolutely Loving It

Selma Blair is all kinds of brave. The Cruel Intentions actress is battling multiple sclerosis, with treatment for the disease seeing the star lose her hair. Chemotherapy treatments might suggest a link to cancer, but the aggressive procedure is also used for sufferers of the autoimmune disease, MS. Selma seems to harness a fierce attitude towards her disease and the way she portrays herself on social media, with The Inquisitr already having documented the star defending herself after a bare-buttocked photo of her on social media was criticized.

Selma may not have been showcasing any nudity in her recent Instagram update, but she was still displaying her fierce swimsuit body. The photo showed the star posing indoors in a close-up shot. A backdrop of mint green curtains seemed to provide the perfect setting – Selma's swimsuit was mostly comprised of a variety of green shades with a painted head affording an artistic aspect. The star was standing with her right hand placed behind her waist, with her left holding a small dog.

Eyes may have been on this actress' killer physique, but something about her fierce gaze was likely making an impression on her fans. Selma was, of course, fully hairless in the shot, with natural daylight accentuating the photo's overall effect. A powerful and lengthy caption from the star proved somewhat poetic, with a "face it" hashtag also used.

The update appeared to prove a massive hit, racking up over 85,000 likes and bringing over 950 fans into the post's comments section. For the most part, it did seem that Selma had generated an immense wave of positivity, with fans leaving the actress a major thumbs-up.

"You inspire me every day. Love to read your posts the help me to move forward and don't look back. You help to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks," one fan wrote with an alien emoji.

They got a reply from Selma, with the actress leaving a heart emoji.

"You are so unbelievably gorgeous and such a strong woman" was another comment racking up likes.

Actress Michelle Pfeiffer dropped by the comments section, with Josh Brolin also leaving a note. Fan comments weren't just centering around the brave bald look, though. For some users, seeing the actress hairless just didn't even seem to factor into their responses.

"Love the suit and #modelpup," one fan wrote.

Selma is not the only celebrity to suffer from an autoimmune disease. Singing superstar Selena Gomez suffers from lupus, with actress Kim Kardashian recently having made headlines for medical tests suspecting that she too has the disease.

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