‘The Affair’ Recap For Season 5 Episode 4: Disturbing Sex

On September 15, The Affair was taken over by perspectives from Noah, Whitney, and Joanie. However, Noah’s daughter’s part in Episode 4 for Season 5 was the most provocative — and not in a positive way.

Noah and Helen’s eldest child was boxed into attending a party thrown by her former boyfriend, Furcat. The nasty guy is such a big deal in the art world that the desperate owner of the gallery at which Whitney works forced her hand, causing her assistant to gain access so the two could attend the festivities.

Not long after she arrives, Whitney is taken into a nearly empty space whereupon she learns she actually stars in Furcat’s newest installation. This throws her off, causing her to drink in order to try to get through the evening unscathed. The liquid courage does more than that, and before long, she is taken to a bedroom to have sex with her ex. Sadly, part of the reason Whitney makes this unwise decision is that there seems to be the underlying promise that by cheating on her fiance with Furcat, she may end up living her dream by being able to command her own gallery.

But there is another part of the deed that will need to be done in order for that to happen. Whitney finds out that the gallery collector who would be the person to fund her gallery likes to watch others have sex. He walks into the bedroom after she and Furcat start to get it on and stands at the foot of the bed masturbating.

Whitney is disgusted and tries to stop the perversion when Furcat mentions, “He could give you a gallery.” The sex act continues.


Noah’s perspective shows a man who is desperate to get his wife back. Sadly for him, she’s moved on to become the lover of the actor who is playing Noah in a movie based on his book which is based on his life. Because his youngest daughter needs him to go to a party at the home of his wife’s paramour, Sasha, he goes. Since these two members of the family intensely dislike the man, Noah tries to sabotage the relationship, only to get caught in the act of setting up a sting.

The third and final part to The Affair for Season 5, Episode 4 revolves around a very mixed-up Joanie who, as an adult, returns to Montauk, the place where her father and mother died and the place where Noah started an affair with her mother.

This part begins the day after Joanie had a one-night stand, as accounted by The Inquisitr.

She starts to pack up all the items left in her dad’s house. Then, from that bounty, she grabs a rusty blue bike and rides to the place where her dad was buried. Upon arrival, Joanie says hello to Cole, at which time his tombstone gets a close-up, alerting viewers to the fact that the man died at age 74. No reason has been given for that death, but the reason will probably turn out to be an important part of the end story.

New Season 5 episodes of The Affair air on Sundays on Showtime.