Amy Duggar Claps Back At Fan Who Chided Her For Not Being Naked For Milk Bath Photo Shoot

Amy Duggar has a photo shoot in a bathtub full of milk, flowers, and fruit.

Amy Duggar hits the red carpet in 2018.
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Amy Duggar has a photo shoot in a bathtub full of milk, flowers, and fruit.

Amy Duggar isn’t having it. She is not one to take any nonsense from anyone, especially when it comes to her character and her family. The expectant mom is heading towards the end of her pregnancy and she decided to have a fun maternity photoshoot that she shared with her fans. However, one person tried to put a damper on it by complaining about it and dissing her and the Duggar family in the process.

The Duggar cousin took to her Instagram to post a unique photo displaying her 36-week baby bump front and center. She is seen sitting in a tub soaking herself in milk. It is called milk bath photography and she was digging it. Amy is wearing a black lacy dress with orange flowers and lemon slices floating around her in the creamy liquid. Her hair is worn down around her shoulders with a few strands in a braid and pulled back. Amy appears to have her eyes closed with a slight smile on her face.

Most of her followers thought this was a fantastic idea, but one person told Amy that the milk bath wasn’t quite real because she wasn’t naked for the photo. This follower then went on to say that she couldn’t do that anyway because her family, the Duggars, would disown her if she was seen naked.

That brought the 32-year-old clothing shop owner to clap back at that comment letting them know that she is perfectly capable of making her own decisions.

“I can do whatever I want, I am my own person. My last name is King last time I checked. I didn’t want to be naked. I love the classiness of this shot instead! I love how styled it!”

The former reality star just spent some time with her family for Michelle Duggar’s birthday celebration, as previously detailed by The Inquisitr. She was seen in a photo displaying her full baby bump with them. Despite their differences, Amy still sees them quite frequently and loves getting baby tips from her experienced cousins.

One person who really loved the milk bath photo is Amy’s husband, Dillon King. He wrote in the comments saying how beautiful she is. They are both looking forward to meeting their baby son, Daxton Ryan, in just a few short weeks.

There is also a behind-the-scenes clip and photos in her Instagram stories of the photographer, Sam, standing on the edge of the bathtub as she snapped the picture. Amy’s mom, Deanna Duggar, was on the sidelines watching the whole thing as well.

You can keep updated on Amy Duggar’s pregnancy on her Instagram as she updates frequently.