September 14, 2019
Kindly Myers' Jaw-Dropping T-Shirt And Bikini Combo Is Stirring Up Instagram Fever

Kindly Myers likely triggered heart palpitations among her followers on Saturday when she posted a series of photos of herself rocking nothing but a T-shirt and a pair of skimpy bikini bottoms. In the photo, Kindly, who calls herself a "professional smoke show," has the tee hiked up to reveal a very flat stomach and tattoos on her torso and waist. The cut of the bikini bottoms also accentuates the length of her very toned, slender legs.

In the caption, Kindly asked her fans to choose which of the photos they liked best. While some of them picked individual photos, many said that they couldn't choose because she looks great in each one.

"Absolutely gorgeous in all your photos," one fan wrote before adding several red heart emoji to the comment.

Kindly, a model who has appeared on the cover of Playboy Magazine, regular shows off her physical assets on Instagram, and fans consistently show their appreciation in the comments. And she doesn't just pose in bikinis, either.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Kindly recently posted a photo of herself in sheer lingerie that got similar feedback from her 1.7 million-strong Instagram fanbase. In the photo, Kindly is looking at herself in a mirror, and it's clear that she likes what she sees. Her fans agreed and let her know in the comments section.

"We love us some Kindly too!!" wrote one fan.

"Kindly......sexier every day!" another chimed in.

"I love looking at beautiful women and kindly you are a very beautiful woman," one clearly infatuated fan added.

As Heightline notes, Kindly was once in the military. She worked as an automated logistical specialist when she left high school and spent four years in the National Guard. She later moved to Nashville to start her modeling career, and it seems that she hasn't looked back since. Her most notable successes have so far been the aforementioned appearance on the cover of Playboy, plus covers for Maxim, FHM, Coed, and several others.

She has been known to reference her military history in her Instagram photos. In January, she posted a photo of herself rocking a camo-print bikini designed by a company called Valkyrie Tactical Apparel. The bikini top and bottom are sold separately on the company's website at $40 and $30 respectively.

On September 11, Kindly also took a break from posting her regular NSFW content to remember the people who lost their lives because of the attacks on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon.