Aubrey O'Day Shows Off Oversized Lips And Narrow Nose On Instagram And Fans Can Barely Recognize Her

Aubrey O'Day has a new look, and fans are a bit confused about it.

The 36-year-old singer and reality television star took to her Instagram stories on Friday to show off a new photo of herself, but it left fans thinking she's had some serious work done. The singer's lips were several sizes larger than they used to be, her nose appeared to have been slimmed down dramatically, and she wore heavy makeup.

As Hollywood Life noted, the appearance made waves across social media as many took to Twitter to comment on Aubrey's very different new look. One person said that Aubrey's "face looks like it's melting," while another added more bluntly, "What in the blow up doll hell is this?"

Aubrey has been back in the spotlight recently thanks to her appearance on the MTV reality show Ex on the Beach, which sets up reality television stars for unexpected encounters with their exes. For Aubrey, it was Jersey Shore star DJ Pauly D, who she dated until July 2017.

As Aubrey later told Hollywood Life, it was a toxic relationship and she wasn't afraid to be brutally honest about that.

"I told a lot of truth about my experience with Pauly," she said. "I had such a toxic, unhealthy, abusive situation with him. I needed a year and two months of therapy to find myself and I would never want to see him again. I think the fear in my stomach of him [showing up as an ex] was real."

The Danity Kane singer has also opened up about some other past relationships, including one with an unnamed female adult film star. As The Inquisitr reported, Aubrey revealed in one of the candid interviews with producers of Ex on the Beach that she once dated a very well-known porn star, who she called her "sexual mentor."

"She taught me how to experience pleasure from a woman," O'Day explained. "And she's a super big porn star."

But there's another former lover of Aubrey O'Day who attracted national attention recently. She opened up this summer about her past fling with Donald Trump Jr., who was married at the time of their relationship. As People magazine noted, Aubrey called Trump her "soulmate" but said the relationship came to an abrupt end when his wife discovered some racy text messages the two had shared.

Those who want to see more of Aubrey O'Day's new look can check out her Instagram page.