September 13, 2019
Demi Rose Bursts Out Of Red Glitter Bikini To Kick Off The Weekend

Demi Rose shared her latest Instagram update right on time, as the 24-year-old's social media post today landed on fans' feeds as the week was drawing to a close, with the British model's followers likely grateful for the content delivered. Demi recently took a break from Instagram, although she made more headlines for her landmark achievement -- as The Inquisitr recently reported, the model has amassed 10 million Instagram followers.

Demi's photo today showcased the beauty in the attire that she appears most loved for. The model may pose in slinky dresses and stylish daywear on Instagram from time to time, but bikinis are her trademark. With the curves to fill them perfectly and an impressively fit frame overall, Demi seems to have been born to rock swimwear. Today has seen her do just that.

The snap showed Demi bathed in natural daylight as she sat in a somewhat-zen like pose with her legs crossed. The model was seated on a rust-colored rug amid natural earth and shrubbery, with a natural feel to her low-key makeup and hair that was blowing in the wind. Viewers' eyes were likely on the sizzling swimwear, though. Demi was wearing a red string bikini with yellow ties, although the two-piece seemed most noteworthy for its glittery look. The bejeweled details drew the eye to Demi's ample cleavage, although her hands mostly shielded the matching briefs from view.

Demi delivered a beautiful, warm smile, plus a simple and amusing caption to accompany her image.

Demi's update quickly proved popular, racking up over 123,000 likes in the space of one hour. The same timeframe brought over 810 fans into the post's comments section. Demi was showered with love, with many of her fans praising her for her beauty and killer physique.Demi does mostly stick to swimwear, but her updates often suggest more sensual vibes via girly and feminine lingerie. This stunner is never vulgar with her updates, though. A particularly artsy and tasteful Instagram update landed on the model's feed to celebrate her reaching 10 million followers this month, with a gushing caption thanking her fans for always having had her back.
"I can't believe I have reached 10 million supporters! I love you guys. Whether you know my story or you don't, I appreciate all your love and your kind words. You lift me up and I want to lift you up just as much. Slowly but surely I'm getting stronger and becoming the person I'm meant to be. Time is a healer and I'm being patient with myself. I'd love to help and inspire you all more. All you can do is do your best, at your own pace. Wishing you all lots of blessings and thank you."