September 13, 2019
Kylie Jenner's Racy Cowboy Boots 'Playboy' Photo Slammed By Instagram

Kylie Jenner's Playboy photos are stunning, and many of her fans have loved seeing how they've come out. However, there are some online critics who didn't enjoy the reality star's spread in the racy magazine.

On Friday, Playboy's Instagram account shared a few photos of Kylie from their latest edition. In the photo, Jenner is seen spreading her legs as she wears nothing but a pair of cowboy boots and a white bodysuit while straddling her boyfriend Travis Scott's legs.

Kylie's ample cleavage, curvy hips, toned arms, and lean legs are all on display in the sexy snap. She had her long, dark hair parted down the middle and styled in loose strands that fell down her back. She also rocked a full face of makeup for the picture, which included darkened eyebrows, a bronzed glow, light pink lips, and pink blush on her cheeks.

Kylie gave a sultry stare into the camera for the photo, which was set in front of a pink and white background. However, not everyone loved the picture or the quote that the magazine posted with it from Jenner's interview, which read, "I never thought I would pose for Playboy."

"Dumbest f*cking quote ever," one follower wrote in the comment section.

"I like my women made out of skin not plastic," another person stated.

"Y'all can highlight the scar on her leg all you like but it doesn't make her look any more authentic... honestly the only thing I wanna hear her or her family talk about is wealth redistribution," another social media user commented.

"Plastic fantastic," one fan said.

"Every part of her body is surgically made. I'm kinda disappointed by this," another Instagram user wrote.

"Plastic over plastic," another comment read.

"99% plastic," said yet another person in the comment section.

However, others defended Kylie, telling those who posted negative comments that they should spread kindness and love, and even embrace feminism, not bash women on the internet.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kylie was interviewed inside the pages of the magazine by her boyfriend, Travis, who asked her about their life and relationship, and even dished about their daughter, Stormi Webster.

Jenner revealed that she loved being a mother, but that she didn't feel bad about exploring her sexuality now that she has a child, claiming she can be a sexual being and a great mother at the same time.

Fans can see more of Kylie Jenner's Playboy photos by checking out the magazine's digital issue on the website.