Kylie Jenner's Assistant Victoria Villarroel Teases Instagram Into A Frenzy With Steamy Naked Shower

Kylie Jenner's assistant Victoria Villarroel is an Instagram celebrity in her own right at this point with 711,000 followers and famous friends like Sofia Richie. While Jenner broke the internet yesterday with her nude Playboy spread, according to The Inquisitr, Villarroel posted a steamy naked shower picture of herself to tease her fans.

In her latest offering, Villarroel wiped off part of a steamy mirror and snapped an old school selfie of herself through the haze. The 27-year-old Venezuelan native held a white bath towel over her chest to protect her modesty, and the saucy snap showed off her curvaceous backside. In the image, a bit of the assistant's wet hair and manicured fingernails are also visible. She carefully held the phone to provide the most interesting view of her assets. The condensation obscures her face on the mirror and her phone.

Jenner's assistant, who also designed a swimsuit line for Lahana swim, did not include a caption with the photo and let the scene speak for itself. Within hours, nearly 35,000 people took a moment to hit the "like" button on her share, and more than 100 typed up an encouraging reply for Villarroel.

At least one fan noticed the similarities between the curve of Villarroel's naked backside and that of Jenner's in the image with Travis Scott for the Playboy photoshoot.

"Had her own Playboy shoot," the follower pointed out.

Others noted the teasing aspect of the peek-a-boo photo.

"What a tease," exclaimed one fan.

"Love imagination pics," a follower enthused.

"Steam," wrote another.

In her Instagram story, Villarroel revealed a new name necklace. The "Victoria" jewelry came from Adina's Jewels. Jenner's assistant declared that she loved the brand and the new bling she sported around her neck in the casual clip. The star wore a simple, ribbed black tank top, which helped show off the shiny bauble.

Next, she revealed a brand-new makeup set that Tower28 Beauty sent her to try out. She thanked the brand for the collection of creamy colors, which appeared to be their tinted multi-use balm for cheeks and lips. When bedtime rolled around, Villarroel showed off a diffuser that set the mood for sleep from Natural Habits Essential Oils. She declared that the scent smelled so good and helped her get ready for bed.

Finally, although the swimsuit designer looked like she's in top shape in her recent post, Villarroel asked her fans a question about the popular Keto, low carb diet.