Kindly Myers Gets Her Bikini-Clad Booty Slapped In Slow-Motion: 'I Liked It'

Kindly Myers recently delivered a particularly cheeky video, with the word appearing applicable in more ways than one. The ex-soldier and model took to social media for an update that included plenty of bikinis, plenty of action, and fellow model Kayla Moody. The post has appeared on both Kindly and Kayla's Instagram accounts.

Kindly's video showed her at the beach. The blonde was standing on the shore with her pal, with both girls appearing to match in some pretty racy swimwear. Kindly and Kayla were rocking peach and olive-colored bikinis – the colored uppers and lowers were mismatched, but they worked in tandem by virtue of Kindly's pink bikini top matching Kayla's bikini bottoms, and vice versa via the olive palettes.

Kayla was seen standing behind Kindly, performing a major booty-slap on her friend. Kindly looked over her shoulder in a somewhat fun way as Kayla delivered the naughty slap, with a slow-motion effect showcasing the moment to maximum effect. Fans saw Kindly's super-peachy and thong-clad rear receiving the slap, with an already-smiling Kindly appearing to grin even more as a result. Clearly, these two ladies know how to have fun.

Of course, the video also served to showcase both models' bikini-ready bodies. A fun caption from Kindly confirmed that she dug the whole affair.

Given the cheeky nature of the video -- and the fact that it included two blond, bikini-clad models -- it's of little surprise that this update proved a hit. The video managed to rack up over 175,000 views in the space of 20 hours, with the same time frame bringing over 1,200 fans into the post's comments section. A quick glance through the responses suggests that Instagram was loving it. Kindly was sent fire, heart, and alien emoji, alongside joking words.Kindly seems to have somewhat exploded on Instagram. The model now has 1.7 million individuals subscribing to her updates, with a "professional smokeshow" intro that sees this star put her money where her mouth is. A bio photo of Kindly covering Playboy also reminds fans that this model comes with some impressive credits to her name.

As The Inquisitr reported, Kindly recently updated her account with a girlier look: the model opted for a floral-print bikini three days ago. The sexy snap showed Kindly semi-submerged in a pool, a miniature pink-colored inflatable flamingo next to her. Pool-centric updates from Kindly may rake in the likes, but a double-whammy appearance alongside Kayla Moody -- one complete with a booty-slap video -- seems to have trumped the solo post.