Natalie Portman Rocks Oversized Top & No Pants

Natalie Portman shared a new Instagram update earlier today, and it's received over 229,000 likes so far. The update was an ad she did with Dior and showed the actress giving off some very sensual vibes.

The photo showed Natalie sitting on a white floor with a completely blank backdrop behind her. This neutral canvas helped to make the actress pop in the photo as she rocked a bright red ensemble. It consisted of a long-sleeved sweater, which was also oversized. It reached below her hips.

Portman hugged her left shoulder with her right hand as she also tugged down the neck of the sweater. This pose revealed her bright red manicure as she rocked a large ring that read "DIOR" in all caps.

The actress also looked to her left into the distance as her hair was worn down. Her locks seemed to be blowing in the wind, while her red lipstick added another pop of red. She gave a sultry look with her lips slightly parted.

Meanwhile, she also bent her left knee while propping up her right knee.

While it's clear that Natalie's fans are in love with her sensual vibe in the newest Instagram photo, she's also gotten real about her past and how others sexualized her. Vanity Fair noted part of a speech that the actress gave in January during a piece they did on her.

"I excitedly opened my first fan mail, to read a rape fantasy that a man had written me. A countdown was started on my local radio station for my 18th birthday, euphemistically the date that I would be legal to sleep with. Movie reviewers talked about my 'budding breasts' in reviews," said Portman.

In addition, Natalie also noted the different generation that she's watching growing up and reflected on her observations.

"There's a lot I feel I get from the way this upcoming generation is viewing the world, like identity definition and self-presentation to the world — all of that stuff is so different. But we'd like to give them the stuff that we have," she said.

The actress is also known for breaking boundaries. She previously received a ton of positive attention after being cast as the female Thor, as previously noted by The Inquisitr.

Fans can hope for more updates from Portman soon. As of late, she's been sharing a steady stream of posts that usually come at least every other day.