‘Swedish Kim Kardashian’ Ines Helene Just Deleted Her Instagram, And Everyone Is In Mourning

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Social media sensation Ines Helene, known as the “Swedish Kim Kardashian,” deleted her Instagram account over the weekend, sending thousands into mourning. Fortunately, the Internet Archive, also known as Wayback Machine, has some of her pictures saved so her fans can rest a little easier.

Ines first won over fans for her sultry selfies and incredible body shots, earning her comparisons to the famous American reality television star. Though most common were pictures of Ines wearing slinky dresses that showcased her cleavage, she would also post bikini shots and sweet selfies. By February 2019, Ines had amassed a fandom of nearly 2 million followers.

Her levels of fame even won the notice of Maxim, who wrote a piece on the model, calling her curves “absolutely unreal.”

Ines announced her retirement from Instagram via her Twitter account, which still remains active.

“No more thottin’, I’m retiring… Hanging up the jersey,” she said of her decision.

Her Instagram page has accordingly been taken down.

Many of her fans were understandably distraught by the news.

“No! I forbid this!” joked one user on Twitter.

“You will be missed. You’re a Hall of Famer for sure,” said another fan in a tweet.

Others wished her the best and hoped that she would find success in her newest ventures.

Fortunately, several pictures of the brunette bombshell still remain, both from archived internet sources and from her Twitter account. For example, Ines had posted a picture of herself in a white bikini in celebration of “hot girl summer.”

In the two pictures, the beauty wore oversized mirrored sunglasses and a classically cut white bikini that barely contained her ample assets as she sat by the pool.

Another shows the beauty in a dangerously low cut black dress.

In addition, Wayback Machine has a snapshot of multiple images from her Instagram page posted in October 2017, where the bombshell stunned in a red bikini as well as a gray dress with such a low cut that Ines looks ready to spill out.

In another Wayback Machine capture from November 2015, the Swedish bombshell had posted a number of pictures of herself rocking a black swimsuit while in a pool. One is even a straight shot of her incredible cleavage. Another shows off her curves as she walks up the pool ladder.

After tweeting about her decision to quit Instagram, the brunette beauty elaborated that she decided to “retire” from the social media site due to increased levels of anxiety, which was aggravating a heart condition.

Part of this anxiety came from trolls who would send vile or overtly sexual messages over social media. The Swedish beauty would often post screenshots of the abuse she received. Ines is far from alone; other celebrities such as Justin Bieber have similarly talked about the stress that comes with the spotlight, as reported by The Inquisitr.

“I have a genuine fear of someone taking their ‘admiration’ too far and one day losing my life over it. It gives me so much anxiety, and is part of the reason I’ve remained inactive on my Instagram,” Ines wrote on Twitter in late June.

In terms of next steps, the Swedish stunner might go into finance, as she had been an economics student before her social media fame.