Amanda Rodriguez Spills Out Of Red Plaid Top


Amanda Rodriguez shared a couple of new updates several days ago, and it had her fans buzzing. She posted a video selfie along with a photo. In both posts, Amanda rocked a red, plaid shirt that left her cleavage on full display.

The top also had off-the-shoulder sleeves, which hugged her arms. At the same time, she wore her hair down in an off-center part. Her wavy hair cascaded down the front of her right shoulder, as she looked at the camera with a full pout.

The model’s lipstick was light pink and extremely glossy, as she also rocked a heavy cat eye.

Rodriguez posed in front of a light, yellow wall, with a pink calendar visible in the backdrop.

The photo received over 6,500 likes, while the video was watched over 24,000 times.

In addition, in the video, Amanda could be seen giving a slight nod, as she brushed her hair back with her right hand.

There were tons of fans that flooded the comments section with a variety of compliments.

“Gorgeous baby!” exclaimed a fan.

“You look incredible babe,” said another fan.

However, there were also comments from one fan that seemed to be concerned about Amanda’s well-being.

“You’re so beautiful but your eyes, they look so sad. Sending you positive vibes. I went through it myself. Postpardum depression maybe? Take care of yourself and most of all, your baby…,” they said.

Of course, this is all pure speculation.

But it wasn’t just the fan that was worried about Amanda, as there were also other critics that snuck into the comments section.

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This is what one critic said.

“Why you don’t go take care,, pass Time, carefuly,, your new baby??? You know you are pretty,, You don’t need proove anything,,, Enjoy your moment with your baby,, Its the most important moment of your life,” they advised.

However, Amanda’s fans were there to defend the model.

“She can do both and everything more. You also are a mom and posting pics… so every woman can be a mom and herself….,” said a fan.

This isn’t to mention a new selfie that Rodriguez posted yesterday. In the photo, the model sported a black, low-cut dress with white buttons down the front. She posed with her phone in her left hand, as she smiled and tilted her head to her right.

Amanda also slung a black purse over her right shoulder and accessorized with gold earrings.

This update received over 6,800 likes.

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