Rita Ora Opens Up About Her Fluid Sexuality, Says Her Love Life Is ‘Faceless And Genderless’

Jeff SpicerGetty Images

Rita Ora is opening up about her sexuality, saying that her love life is “faceless and genderless.”

The 28-year-old singer told the Daily Star Online that she does not discriminate in her love life and that she follows her heart and connects with anyone.

“I admire beauty from men and women. I see things as faceless and genderless, for me it is about the person,” she said.

As the Daily Mail noted, Rita Ora has been open about her sexuality before and even discussed it in the song “Girls.” In the recent interview, Ora said that the song was meant to represent a “very real and honest experience in my life.” The singer said that she has had romantic relationships with both men and women throughout her life.

The song actually came under some scrutiny at the time, the Daily Mail noted. Singer Hayley Kiyoko said that the song was “downright tone-deaf” and claimed that it did more harm than good for the LGBTQ+ community. Critics took aim at a line in the song where Ora sang about drinking red wine and wanting to kiss girls, suggesting that she is only attracted to women when she has been drinking.

Kiyoko took aim at the song on Twitter, posting a lengthy message saying that it appears to trivialize bisexuality.

Rita Ora’s love life has always made for celebrity news fodder, dating back to her short-lived relationship with reality television star Rob Kardashian and their equally public breakup. As the Daily Mail reported at the time, Rob took to Twitter to claim that Rita had cheated on him — with 20 different men. It’s not clear if it was a legitimate allegation or a bit of hyperbole, but it represents a trend for Ora as her love life has always garnered headlines.

Recently, the British singer was rumored to be dating singer Liam Payne. Rita sounded off on these rumors, saying that women celebrities face a double standard in that they are romantically connected to every man they become close to — something she said that men don’t face.

Rita recently said that there was never anything romantic going on between her and Liam Payne, saying their friendship has never turned into anything more serious.

“Liam is just my good friend,” Rita said, via the Metro. “I have a lot of male friends, a lot of very attractive male friends, [but] it doesn’t mean I have to be hooking up with them.”