Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Farrah Abraham Looks Unrecognizable With New Blonde Hair, Thinks It Looks ‘Cool’

Rachel MurrayGetty Images

Farrah Abraham has officially gone blonde. The former Teen Mom OG star typically sports dark locks, although it looks like the 28-year-old has switched things up. Farrah took to her Instagram stories today straight from the New York Fashion Week runway – clearly, Farrah wasn’t going to let the models alone take center stage.

Farrah’s video showed her filming the models strutting their stuff, although the smartphone camera then switched to show Farrah and her new hair. Admittedly, this star was looking borderline unrecognizable. Farrah’s long and peroxide blonde locks were covered with a stylish, leopard-print hat, with statement dark shades adding even more attitude. The mother of one wore a full face of makeup, with smooth foundation and defined brows accentuating her features.

A hashtag honoring New York Fashion Week was used, although Farrah’s own opinions on her look were also clarified.

“Cool” appeared in text as Farrah showcased her new hairdo and looked right into the camera.

Farrah also appeared in an Instagram story showcasing her full outfit. Here, the Nebraska native was seen flaunting her curves in a latex-like black coat, with the standard cleavage-flashing. The overall look would likely have fans stating that Farrah looked chic, but there was no denying that the woman rocking the new hair just didn’t look quite as she usually appears.

Farrah has been making headlines of late. The star’s attendance at the Venice Film Festival came with a major wardrobe malfunction, although Farrah seems to have weathered the storm that saw her flash her nether regions on the red carpet.

Farrah’s attendance at the glitzy Italian event wasn’t a solo act, as she was joined by 10-year-old daughter Sophia, with both mother and daughter appearing in sweet joint moments on the red carpet. Farrah did, however, reveal that she’d been unnerved and upset by a man who had shamed her for bringing her daughter to a red carpet event, per The Inquisitr.

As Pop Culture reports, Farrah took to YouTube to speak about it.

“We came late to the movie…and there was this crazy older gentleman who kept turning around and being like ‘Oh, sit in front of me so you guys can see.’ And I was like, ‘Oh no, no it’s fine. Just leave us alone we’re trying to watch,'” she said.

Farrah then stated that the man had accused her of being a “bad mom.”

Opinions on Farrah’s parenting are known to be mixed, but fans today were likely focusing on Farrah’s hair.