'Maxim' Model Rachel Bush, Wife Of Buffalo Bills Player Jordan Poyer, Uses Her Booty To Show Her Team Pride

Rachel Bush is wearing her team pride on her backside.

The Maxim model, who is married to Buffalo Bills player Jordan Poyer, shared a glimpse of the line of booty shorts she's promoting to support the team and the city. Rachel shook her booty in a short video posted to her Instagram Stories and also shared some information about an upcoming fitness party meet-and-greet event she's holding in the couple's home for half of the year in western New York.

Rachel is quickly becoming one of the most famous fans of the Buffalo Bills, frequently posting about the team and showing pictures of her travels to watch Jordan on the road. Last year, as the team was winding down its season with no playoffs in sight, Rachel posted a pick-me-up picture of herself rocking a red, white, and blue Bills bikini out in the cold and snow of Buffalo. The snap gained some viral attention on social media, especially with the team's fans.

Rachel has opened up about the rigors of being an NFL wife while also raising a young daughter. In an interview with Sports Gossip, Rachel said that it was a bit of a shock when she and Jordan started dating and she started showing up in celebrity news sites.

"I wasn't one to really overreact about being with NBA or NFL players. Like we are all people at the end of the day," she shared. "The articles and posts that started being written right when we first started hanging out were a little shocking, bit of a change for me at the time but they were all positive for the most part so it was cool."

While her Instagram feed shows that Rachel loves hanging out on the beach in sunny Florida in skimpy bikinis, Rachel has also come to love life in Buffalo.

"Buffalo is a complete football town too. They eat, breathe, and sleep football lol," she told Sports Gossip. "I love that obviously because they make us feel like superstars when we are out there! Great people!"

Rachel has found a way to use that attention to her own benefit. She has become one of the fastest-rising stars in the Instagram modeling world, recently surpassing 1 million followers. She has been featured in Maxim, hosted events in Buffalo and her other home in southern Florida, and become a fixture of the celebrity news circuit.

More information about Rachel Bush's fitness party event can be found on Eventbrite. More of her racy pictures can be seen on her Instagram page.