Ainsley Rodriguez Shows Off Sexy Hip Thrusts In Skimpy Blue Bikini

Though most people might have taken it easy on the Labor Day holiday by going to barbecues or picnics, fitness star Ainsley Rodriguez wasn't afraid of some hard work. The stunning brunette wowed her Instagram followers by showing off her incredible abs while working on an intense workout — all while in a skimpy blue bikini.

Ainsley has made it a habit of posting workouts for her nearly 2 million followers as part of her "work hard, play hard" mentality. Ainsley explained on her personal website, Ainsley Rodriguez, that she believes that most diets fail because of unrealistic expectations. Instead, Ainsley admitted she hits the gym hard so that she doesn't have to give up what makes her happy.

Her hard work has certainly paid off in her latest upload. In the multi-post update, Ainsley does a number of exercises against several rocks. That said, she cheekily admitted in her caption that she does not recommend the uncomfortable experience other than for the picture.

For the workout, Ainsley dons a beautiful cerulean blue bikini that looks striking against the tropical blue Miami waters. Her hair is styled into a sensible ponytail.

In the first clip posted, Ainsley rests against a slanted rock and raises her legs by utilizing her core muscles. The second clip shows Ainsley on a different rock, this time doing hip raises. In the third clip, she does dips, using her body as her weight.

The triple-post update earned nearly 30,000 likes and around 870 comments.

"You friggin ROCK!" joked one user, with a silly face and hang loose emoji.

"Perfection does not exi.... oh wait," echoed a second, with an applauding and heart-eye emoji.

"You going to cause a shipwreck," teased a third, also employing the silly face emoji.

As part of the aforementioned "work hard, play hard" mindset, Ainsley posted one of her "play hard" pictures earlier this weekend. The snap was a selfie before she headed out to a concert with a friend. Ainsley wore short, black, high-waisted daisy dukes and a red cami that played beautifully against her golden tan. The brunette beauty completed the look with black Doc Martins and a matching black crossbody.

The photo earned over 27,700 likes and around 676 comments.

"I said it once and I'll say it again, best smile on the Internet..." gushed a besotted fan, adding a number of flower emoji to his comment.

"So stunning," echoed a second with two pink heart emoji.

"You look SO GOOD," concluded a third, with a red heart and two heart-eye emoji.