Farrah Abraham Asks Instagram: ‘Do You Think I Should Revive ‘Teen Mom’ On MTV & Go Back?’

Gregg DeGuireGetty Images

Given that Farrah Abraham has openly slammed the MTV franchise that made her famous, her latest social media activity will likely prove a talking point for fans. The former Teen Mom OG star has taken to her Instagram stories with a question directly centering around a possible return to the series. While the image that Farrah used had a recycled feel, the message was absolutely brand-new.

The photo showed Farrah in a white bathrobe as she gazed out across a balcony overlooking Paris’ Eiffel Tower. The star was upping the ante via a pair of open legs with one limb raised by the window. As The Inquisitr reported earlier today, Farrah posted the image to her Instagram, although the caption used had nothing to do with Farrah and Teen Mom.

This image did.

“DO YOU THINK I SHOULD REVIVE TEEN MOM ON MTV & GO BACK?” appeared in black-and-white writing across the image.

Farrah seemed to want to offer a little more, giving fans two options.

“A: Yes, ratings went down & 4OG’s ARE BACK!” was one option.

“B: No, we’re done watching the show — Cancel it” was the other.

“Watch now & weigh in What you watch on @teenmom” also appeared at the top of the photo.

To be fair, the options that Farrah laid out didn’t seem to cover all the bases. While the first would offer fans a chance to agree and call for Farrah’s return, the second didn’t seem to include a possibility of fans not wanting the star’s return — with it left at that. The second option seemed to suggest that if fans didn’t want Farrah back, they would at the same time be wanting the entire series canceled.

Farrah’s departure from the franchise proved high profile. The star’s internet-circulated sex tapes have seen many fans raising eyebrows, with Farrah’s raunchy and adult-themed social media likewise sparking disapproval. Fans mostly seem upset that Farrah’s 10-year-old daughter Sophia follows her mother’s Instagram, although concern has also manifested over the many bikini displays from Farrah’s unexplained travels to Dubai this summer.

The Inquisitr has previously documented Farrah calling for Teen Mom to be canceled. Farrah had called the storylines “fake.” This seems to be the first instance of the star remotely hinting that she might want to return. Teen Mom OG has, of course, been making headlines of late for welcoming a new cast member. Mackenzie McKee is back on the series, although her appearances appear to be coming with a limited shelf life.