Sommer Ray Unzips Her Jeans For New Camo Look

Sommer Ray wears a gray outfit.
Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

Sommer Ray shared a brand new Instagram video earlier today, and it gave fans a sneak peek into her work as a model. Sommer stood in front of an industrial backdrop, as she wore a couple of new pieces from her clothing line.

The ensemble consisted of a long-sleeve camo-print bodysuit. She wore this under a pair of ripped jeans, which she unbuttoned for the shoot.

Ray completed the look with a pair of ankle-high, black boots.

The video started off showing Sommer doing what she does best, as she gave sultry looks for the camera.

Suddenly, she looked up and pointed, as she spotted a tiny Yorkie wearing a pink harness. The dog seemed to make a beeline for Sommer, as it ran towards the model and photographer.

Ray’s fans seemed to be in love with the video, as people flooded the comments section with their thoughts. In particular, Sommer’s fans seemed to want to be a part of her life in any possible way.

“I want to be that dog,” said a fan.

“Wish I was those jeans,” said another fan.

Plenty of people referred to the small dog that the model spotted while doing her photo shoot.

“I think u are the cute puppy,” complimented a follower.

“I’ll buy you 3 puppies if u marry me,” said another follower.

And there were plenty of marriage proposals, mixed in with other flirty messages.

“Will you marry me? That would be pretty cool,” said an Instagram user.

“You should wear your merch to prom with me,” suggested a fan.

“Lookin like my next GF,” said another fan.

“When your minding your own business on a nice sunday morning and sommer posts a video,” added a fan, who finished their message with a heart-eyes emoji.

On the other hand, one of Sommer’s fans had a question that had nothing to do with her clothing line, or with the dog.

“Hey sommer wanna play minecraft,” asked a fan, whose comment was liked over 200 times.

Plus, there were some complaints mixed in.

“But still no new men’s,” said a follower.


Other fans left her creative messages.

“Good looks! Sommer ur beautiful even when ur fully clothed,” said a fan.

“Gosh babe attracts everything,” said a follower.

“Amazing sommerray yur a prodigy babe,” declared another Instagram user.

This isn’t to mention that the video included a clip of Ray going back into work mode immediately after pointing out the cute dog. However, she broke out of character again and noted that she had to go meet the dog.

The post has been watched over 719,000 times so far.