Instagram Star Ayla Woodruff Exposes Chest In Sheer Top

Instagram star, Ayla Woodruff, shared a brand new photo that was taken inside a luxury hotel bathroom. So far, it looks like fans are feeling it, and it has garnered more than 63,000 likes.

The photo showed Ayla standing in front of a white, modern bathtub. She wore her hair in a high ponytail and sported lacy lingerie bottoms. She paired this with a long-sleeved crop top, which was completely sheer with gold, vertical stripes.

The top left Ayla's chest exposed, and she censored the photo by using two squiggle lines. However, it didn't do a perfect job of censoring the image, so it's NSFW and can't be shared here. Check it out on Woodruff's Instagram page instead.

Woodruff was also spotted playing with her hair with her left hand, as she looked down to the floor. Her face was mostly obscured by her front bangs, while she lifted her right hand at the same time.

Ayla also stood with her left leg crossed in front of her right. And behind her on the tub, you could see a wood plank that held an assortment of lotions, hair products, and soap. The wall behind it was gold, and there were also floor-to-ceiling windows.

Ayla's fans gushed about her good looks in the comments section.

"How does a human look like this," said a fan.

"YOURE SO PERFECT," exclaimed another fan.

Other people left more flirtatious messages.

"Wish I had a girl like you ayla," said a follower.

"I want to wake up to a angle like you everyday," added another follower.

On the other hand, some fans commented on her outfit, while many people complained about censorship.

"Bbyyyy that top is so cute WANT," said an Instagram user.

"Remove the squiggles jk u look great," joked a fan.

"D*mn censorship," complained another fan.

"Bruh censored ah come on," expressed a follower.

But that wasn't all. Some of Ayla's followers asked her questions.

"Can you drop a workout routine please?" requested a fan, who seems to be impressed by her toned bod.

"Any reason you always stand on your toes in these pictures?" asked another fan.

With that being said, there were also plenty of followers that tried to leave unique messages.

"Everything about you you're breathless and so much more. Simply a rare beauty," said a fan.

"It's illegal to look that good," joked another fan.

"Wow my self confidence just went down," added a follower.