August 18, 2019
Jojo Babie Ditches Pants & Strikes A Sexy Pose While Reading A Book

Jojo Babie shared a brand new Instagram photo earlier today, and it looks like her fans are already busy hitting the like button. While the photo's only been live for 25 minutes, it's already received over 15,000 likes.

The image showed Jojo posing in a black, long-sleeved crop top. The top had a white graphic on the back, along with writing down the left sleeve. With that being said, Jojo opted to ditch her pants, only sporting a black thong or black bikini bottoms.

Babie laid on her stomach on a ledge indoors, which left her derriere on full display. She extended her right leg while her left foot touched the wood floor. She also lay down with an open book in front of her as she placed her head on her right shoulder.

Jojo looked over her left shoulder at the camera, giving a coy look. Her lips were mostly obscured, and it wasn't possible to see if she wore any accessories. The model wore her hair down and it fell down her back.

Jojo's fans seemed to love the new photo, with many people leaving comments. Some fans focused on the book that she was reading.

"Cool she reading a book love reading," observed a fan.

"I'm ashamed of how long it took to see the book. In my defense #data**though," joked another fan.

Other followers responded to the question Jojo posed in the captions.

"Yeah is the day to make you MINE forever? you're so damn gorgeous. I know any men would die to be with you," said a follower.

"You're too sweet," responded Babie, who's known for taking the time to interact with her fans.

"Perfect position JoJo thickness of legs awesome," said an Instagram user, who clearly liked her pose.

One fan, in particular, tried to get clever with their comment.

"How can I get that furniture at my house?" they joked, to which Jojo responded with a series of tears of joy emoji.

"Ur so beautiful u must be an angel send from above because ur beauty is not from this world my women crush everyday love u Jojo ur my favorite Asian," raved a fan.

"Have a great sunday," said another fan.

Before Jojo posted this new photo, it had been two days since she'd updated her Instagram page. The video she shared a couple of days ago had nothing to do with her, but everything to do with a message she wanted to share. It looked like Jojo wanted to encourage her fans to key in on positive people in their lives.