August 17, 2019
Jenna Jameson Trashed For Breastfeeding Her 2-Year-Old On A Toilet With Her Panties Pulled Down

Jenna Jameson is receiving some very mixed feedback to her latest Instagram update. The former adult entertainment star mostly makes headlines for having shed 80 pounds since welcoming her daughter Batel in 2017, but it looks like the 45-year-old is back in the news for reasons that aren't linked to her keto diet.

Jenna updated her Instagram last night with two photos that seemed out to showcase social media versus "reality," per the star's caption. While the first photo showed the blonde taking a selfie in racy red briefs with a matching top, the second focused on her role as a mother. Jenna had been photographed sitting on a toilet with Batel appearing to breastfeed on her mother's lap. Jenna herself was pushing a few boundaries via a cleavage-flaunting string top in blacks, although fans querying the pulled-down panties might well argue that the toilet setting rendered the situation appropriate.

Jenna was seen looking at her phone while her child snuggled up to the star's breast.

It looks like Jenna has fallen under fire over this image. While comments praising the star for her real approach did manifest, those straight-up slamming Jenna also racked up the upvotes.

"You shouldn't eat in the toilet. Probs teach your kid that," a popular comment read.

"Gross," another added.

Fans did seem to have picked up on just about everything in this update. Jenna was told to put her phone away, with a popular comment also honing in on Batel's age.

"Looks weird. Your daughter is way too old..." the user stated.

"Stop it for you and your child," another fan added before reassuring the star that she is "so worth it."

Fans might argue that the backlash was unfair. Jenna's photo seemed out to showcase the reality of raising a toddler, plus it ticked boxes for breaking down barriers. Breastfeeding mothers are known for feeling shamed when it comes to the activity, although a child nourishing themselves on their mother's milk is arguably the most natural thing in the world.

Jenna did appear to clap back at the haters. She responded to the fan who mentioned that a child shouldn't be around food in a restroom.

"It doesn't work like that," Jenna replied.

When a fan mentioned that they wouldn't want their child to be in contact with a bathroom floor in a public setting, Jenna retorted with a confirmation that the photo had been taken in her home.

Fortunately, Jenna received plenty of positive responses praising her for her raw and real moment. Fans wishing to see more of Jenna should follow her Instagram.