Alexis Ren Falls Out Of Super Small Tank Top

Rich FuryGetty Images

Alexis Ren’s newest Instagram update has her fans buzzing, as the photos have racked up over 507,000 likes so far.

The model was spotted posing with a white chair. She wore a super small tank top, which left her chest exposed. Ren also wore her hair down in a side part, as she rocked metallic pink lipstick. Her eyelashes were also very noticeable, along with her silver eyeshadow.

Alexis gave a sultry look in the first photo of the set, as she sat in the chair backward. She placed her elbows on the edge of the chair, as she appeared to be playing with her hair.

The second photo showed Alexis from a different angle, as she bit down on her lips and looked far away. Meanwhile, a third photo showed Alexis with her head resting on her right hand. She gave a slight pout. The angle of the photo also revealed that the model was wearing denim pants.

Fans flooded the comments section with their compliments.

“This has to be some freaking angel energy,” said a fan.

“Can’t wait to see more photos from this amazing shoot,” added a follower.

“Quite possibly the most perfect woman ever created,” declared an Instagram user.

One fan, in particular, gave props to the photographer, who was tagged in the captions.

“I love the way how @victorrobertof edited this photo. I love the dreamy feels that these photos gives me. Well done,” they said.

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???? @victorrobertof

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Prior to this sultry update, Ren gave fans an inside look at her personal life. She did this by sharing a ton of photos of herself and her family.

The first photo of the set showed her cutting up strawberries in a modern kitchen. White orchids were visible in the foreground, while Ren stood smiling at the kitchen counter. The model appeared to be eating a strawberry while holding a knife with her right hand.

There was one fan comment that was particularly long and descriptive.

“Your smart beautiful and strong your a triple threat. You’re a great role model for the younger generation. You actually have something to offer this world instead of just taking like everybody else does,” they stated.

Others sent the model their love, with one follower implying that Ren is her friend.

“Nothing makes me happier than seeing you happy,” said a follower.


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family is what it’s all about

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