Sara Underwood Shares Steamy Shot In Bed With Boyfriend

Sara Underwood arrives at the 36th AFI Life Achievement Award tribute to Warren Beatty.
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Former Playboy Playmate of the Year Sara Underwood has cultivated a devoted fan base of 9.2 million followers on Instagram. There are plenty of fans who only want to see Underwood’s incredible bikini body, but many others enjoy the glimpses the blonde bombshell gives into her life in the woods with her partner, Jacob Witzling.

Underwood decided to undertake the unique project of building a series of cabins in the forest of the Pacific Northwest with her partner. The model often poses in skimpy outfits in front of or inside of the cabins, and recently, she gave her followers a much more intimate shot than she typically does.

In the picture she shared, Underwood sprawled across a cozy-looking bed packed with white linens and pillows. She rocked a black lace lingerie top and underwear, and her legs were on full display. In bed with her was her partner, who wore a green t-shirt and squeezed Underwood’s curves with one hand.

All around them, there were tall, wooden plank walls with stunning triangular windows. The shot was taken in one of the cabins that the duo built together, as Underwood explained in the caption. As she shared with her fans, it took a grand total of six weeks to construct the epic abode — and she certainly looked cozy in it.

In order for her fans to understand the full magic of the cabin, Underwood also shared a shot of how it looks from the outside. The recognizable triangular windows are visible, and the entire structure is shaped a bit like a diamond with an angular base narrowing into a point at the top. The bottom half has shingles while the upper portion of the home’s roof is covered with moss and seems to blend right into the forest.

Underwood’s fans loved the glimpse into her life in the woods, and the double update received over 56,000 likes within just five hours. While Underwood’s snaps are normally filled with compliments praising her beauty, this particular post featured many comments about the tiny home itself.

“Do y’all rent it out!? I’d love to spend a few days there,” one follower said.

Another fan tagged a friend and said “we have to stay here at some point when it opens.”

In her caption, Underwood also mentioned that she and Witzling would be starting construction on another cabin soon, so fans will have to follow the progress of the next property on Underwood’s Instagram page.