Bella Thorne's Bikini Ballerina Video Has Instagram Thinking She's Naked

Bella Thorne has her fans gripped. The Midnight Sun actress took to Instagram earlier today for a bikini update that doubled up as an impressive ballerina display: the 21-year-old showcased her fouetté skills as she rocked a dangerously tiny string two-piece.

Bella's itsy-bitsy bikini was definitely minimal. Likely a contributor to what appears to be fans having done a double-take was the swimwear's color: Bella was flaunting her fit frame and cleavage in beiges and browns.

Fan comments quickly poured in, with Instagram's reliable upvote method showing the most popular ones ranking high up the comments section. A remark racking up over 349 likes came as an open-ended question.

"Did anybody else think she was naked"
Fans replied to the comment.

"Yes," one wrote.

"Yes at first sight I thought it," another added.

"Yeah at first sight I thought so" was a similar response.

While some fans appeared to wish that they'd seen the redhead naked, others only confirmed that they too had done a double-take.

Elsewhere, Bella was praised for her beauty and fierce dance skills. The fouetté move bravely attempted is one of the ballet world's toughest. It involves standing on one leg and performing a pirouette spin while quickly using the raised leg to whip the body around in preparation for another turn. The fouetté is most famously seen in Swan Lake with the ballerina playing Odette/Odile showcasing 32 fouettés in the ballet's final act.

Bella's video also proved immensely popular overall, racking up over 1.8 million views in two hours.

Bella has been making headlines of late. The star's latest Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray book has been flying off shelves, with the actress herself reporting that copies have sold out. As The Inquisitr reports, Bella recently took to Instagram to celebrate the achievement. The Inquisitr has also chronicled Bella taking to social media with poetry quotes – Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray is a collection of poems.

An Instagram update from Bella last month sent fans some poetry.
"I'm sorry for the words I said, I'm sorry for the monsters stuck under my bed I'm sorry for those stary faithful eyes I'm sorry their [sic] nothing but demise To me. To me I'm sorry my breaking point was onsite I'm sorry we'll never have another night I wish there was a brighter night, Not this dark one that only bites..."
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