July 30, 2019
Bella Hadid's String Bikini Pics Spark Mass Freakout, Fans Horrified

Bella Hadid is causing a stir. The supermodel is currently vacationing in Mykonos, Greece, with media outlets appearing to follow her every move. As The Daily Mail reports today, the 22-year-old and her 24-year-old sister Gigi have been photographed soaking up the sun in itsy-bitsy swimwear.

Photos obtained by the newspaper showed Bella rocking a cute and strung bikini in leopard print. The halterneck two-piece was flaunting the model's willowy frame and sexy cleavage, but fans over in The Daily Mail's comments section appear less fussed about the blonde's figure and more concerned about her face.

"Bella ruined her face with plastic surgery and botox - she looks much older than her current age," one fan wrote with over 117 users agreeing.

Comments did, indeed, seem to be suggesting that this famous beauty has gone under the knife, although fans would likely agree that Bella's renowned facial features are all her own.

"I think Bella will end up looking like Jocelyn Wildenstein one day," a user wrote with many individuals agreeing.

"Bella's face is ruined god even around the eyes" was another comment.

"Cat's eyes!" another added.

Although comments did not exclusively center around the Tag Heuer spokesperson's face, it did seem that many responses were suggesting some kind of freakout. The model was also likened to Sarah Jessica Parker. The Sex and the City star's face has frequently had fans wondering if she's had cosmetic surgery with an expert weighing in, per Life & Style Mag.

The Hadid sisters are now headline-makers for just about anything they do. This power duo might have walking the high-fashion runway as their day jobs, but life is one giant catwalk for these style icons. The pair will find themselves papped at restaurants and in the street, although snaps showcasing their bikini-ready bodies likely rack up the most traffic. Bella and Gigi do, after all, come with flawless silhouettes.Bella may come slightly lower-profile compared to her older sister, but this sibling is gaining momentum. Bella's Instagram following is fast rising, as is her brand endorsement appeal. Alongside sister Gigi, the model is also known for socializing with other faces from the industry. The sisters appear to be friends with Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kendall Jenner alongside supermodel and wife to Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin.Fortunately, not all comments left to The Daily Mail's images today were negative. The girls were praised for looking great by some users.

Fans wishing to see more of Bella should follow her Instagram.