July 28, 2019
Dua Lipa Deals With Mercury In Retrograde By Drinking Wine, Sad About Cancelled Concert With Andrea Bocelli

Dua Lipa is not going to let Mercury, which is reported to be in retrograde motion, get her down. The reversal of the planet's orbit as viewed from Earth often causes bad juju for those who believe in such things.

Apparently, the Albanian-British singer is of one of those believers. She posted a set of pictures on Twitter so her 3.3 million followers could witness this talent coping by drinking more than one glass of wine.

The first of her social media images showed the stunning brunette holding a bit of red wine in a large wine glass. In the second shot, she was downing the fermented grapes for all to see.

While doing this public drinking, Dua was wearing a sensational, strapless black gown that rocked a lot of cleavage. The shape of the simple dress allowed her tiny waist to shine while her hair was pulled back in a tight bun, allowing her perfect makeup application to be featured.

Dua also appeared in the same ensemble in an identical photo to the first as seen on Twitter, but this time the image appeared on Instagram. The close-up shot seemed to have been taken against a wall decorated with mirrors, one of which captured some of her tattoos, including a black shooting star.

More than a million fans liked the Instagram posting, many offering emoji heart and fire comments.

One follower called Dua "mah [sic] queen," as well as including three heart and three fire emoji for effect.

Another stated, "More wine more poison," adding a crying while laughing face emoji.

Yet another said, "So dope. And alcoholic." These words were followed by a heart emoji.

Commenters made remarks in many languages, from Italian to Arabic to Spanish and more.

Meanwhile, yesterday's social media message had Dua reporting that her show with Andrea Bocelli on Saturday night in Italy had been canceled. The reason? Inclement weather.

On a happier note, the concert has been rescheduled for Monday, July 29, at the glorious outdoor Teatro del Silenzio amphitheater, reported Bocelli on Twitter in both English and Italian.

Last year, the 23-year-old singer recorded a duet with the 60-year-old star of "If Only," a song appearing on Bocelli's album, Si. The pair sang the emotional love song in perfect harmony and in two different languages.

Sadly, Dua was all dressed and ready to perform before she was told about the concert cancellation. She wore an incredible black-and-white gown with a skirt made of what seemed like miles of tulle. The top of her "dream dress" was strapless, perfectly complimenting the skirt with its many strips of black fabric.
Earlier in the day, when she was still scheduled to sing with Bocelli, Dua wore next to nothing except a very skimpy set of lavender lingerie. She posed in an image geotagged Florence, the same city where she was drinking wine on Sunday during what appeared to be a happy hour that seemed to be anything but happy as far as this disappointed diva was concerned.

Maybe, for Dua Lipa, Mercury in retrograde actually is a problem -- at least this time around.