July 27, 2019
Britney Spears' Sweaty Sports Bra Video Panics Fans: Manic Episode Suspected

Britney Spears has her fans worried. A workout video posted to the pop star's Instagram account last night sent fans the 37-year-old's killer body (and how it's achieved), but not all of Britney's fans seemed convinced that she's doing okay.

The video of the "Toxic" singer dripping sweat in a tiny yellow sports bra and shorts had a spoken introduction from Britney. The mother of two was speaking rather quickly, although her treadmill-shot footage and its resulting elevated heart rate may have been the reason for Britney appearing to talk fast. A caption from the star appeared very focused on her weight: Britney seemed concerned that she'd gained "2 pounds."

Over in the comments section to Britney's video, feedback from the star's die-hard fans was mostly positive. Nonetheless, worries that the singer may be psychologically unstable did manifest.

"She's in mania ya'll" was a comment garnering over 142 likes.

"I've been thinking that too. I've seen it. I lived it. Exactly..." one fan replied with a black-heart emoji.

"Took the words right out of my mouth," another responded.

One fan appeared worried that Spears might not be taking her medication. As fans will know, Britney suffers from bipolar disorder and has been brave enough to open up about it to The Independent. The user's comment seemed to be voicing concern for the singer's social media activity overall.

"These videos are very concerning, it is great to stay in shape but these videos are her having full blown manic episodes! I hope she is ok and taking her meds! #NotJoking"
"I'm diagnosing this as a manic episode...thoughts?" one user wrote with over 43 individuals agreeing.
Fortunately for Britney, comments didn't appear exclusive to suspecting a psychologically imbalanced state. The star was praised for her dedication to fitness alongside being reminded of her pop icon status.

Concern for Britney's mental health peaked earlier this year when the singer was hospitalized in a mental health facility. Following her release, the star largely appeared back to her usual self, although her Instagram updates have sparked concern. As The Inquisitr reported last month, a video of the star taken in her closet had fans worried all over again.

When it comes to having supportive fans, Britney is spoken for. Amid the 7,000+ comments left to the singer's workout video, many fans left encouraging and caring words. Some reminded Britney that a small weight gain was nothing to worry about; in fact, many told the star to stop putting herself down.

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